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December 9

Piggy?  Where's Piggy?
Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!  Where are you?
Oh!  No!  The gate's open!
I hear Dottie calling Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!  Hey, Dottie!  Over here! 
I'm eating acorns!
But I don't want to go in, yet!  I'm still eating acorns!  It's not raining, yet!  Besides...I'm not afraid of a little rain!

I don't want to go in...I'm still hungry...why can't I stay out there...don't rush me...

(What does this all sounds like in Pig talk?)  Weeeeee...weeeeeee....weeeeeeeee...grunt grunt....weeee  weeee   weeeeee weeee....

And I do that all the way home!  For real!

But I want to eat the acorns before they get covered in snow!  Why let them go to waste?  I wanna stay out for a little while more!  Please don't make me go in!  I'll come in when I'm full!  Why can't I stay out 'till it starts raining?

I had a good spot, too!   I'm a big girl!  I know when to come in out of the rain!  I love being outside!  I love the smell of the forest!  Awwww....I don't wanna go in!

(What is sounds like to humans?)

Weeee....  weeeeee   weeeeeee  weeeeeee!  Squeal squeal  snort snort snort  weeeee weeeee!

Ok!  So it's starting to rain!
Yep!  It's starting to come down now!  Hey!  Wait for me!  I have tiny legs!

How'd you know it was gonna rain?

Can I have a snack when we go in?  I really worked up an appetite!
It takes a lot of energy to find your own food!  The run home is worth at least a half a banana!
Guess what!  I learned how to open the gate today!  All by myself!
I learned how to close it, too!
Am I not the smartest pig you ever met?  How can I be "too" smart?  Are you gonna open the door for me?  I can't do this one!
As soon as I walk in the door, Dottie tells me..."go to your room"!  And I do!
Hi Joe!  You awake?  Joe?  My bop toy is empty!  Joe?  Joe...can you fill my bop toy?
I didn't mean to wake ya...well... I did really!  Only bop toy needs filling!  You'll fill it for me!  Cool!  It's right over here!
This is my bop toy!  It's the best toy in the world!  It gives food!  There's an opening in the top of it that let's Dottie control how fast the pellets come out when I bop it around!  Here... the opening is wide open!  The pig pellets would come out way too fast!
Now...the opening is no pellets can come out!  That's no fun at all!
This is what Dottie likes to put it on!  That way I really have to work at get the pellets!
This is what it looks like when she fills it with pellets!
When I bop it around...the pellets fall from the top to the bottom.  Then they fall out of this opening...and I get to eat them!
I keep bopping it around 'till there's nothing left inside!  I really love my bop toy!  And Dottie and Joe love to watch me bop it around and eat all the little goodies!  It's good exercise, too!  Keeps me moving!
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