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December 7

Hey Linda!  Welcome back!  You brought us visitors!  All the way from Pennsylvania?

What's Pennsylvania?

Hi Harry!  I'm Donk E! 
And you must be his sister, Willow!
Hi, Linda!  It's me...Galahad!  Remember?
Yes you do!  You brought us carrots!  My favorite!

Linda...look at me!  I'm doing up pretty on the log!  Hey, Linda...over here...look at me!

Hey...Willow!  I'm Solly!  I taught him everything he knows!

Ya right, Solly!  Willow no attention to the horse behind the fence.  He's a show hog!
Dori brought us the gift of music!  Usually ... it's Grampa with his harmonica!   She brought a flute, too! 
Ya have ta put your hand out so I can put the keys in your hand!

Hi Dori!  Your music is beautiful!  Thank you for playing for us!

Ya!  We love music!  Your music was so peaceful!  Thank you!

Dottie?  Can we keep her?
Just for a little while?  Please?
I'll  let you stay forever, Dori!
Yes...Willow!  You too!
Hi Jesse!  I'm Donk E Oaty!  You have a wonderful family!
Hey Donk E!  Let's show them our tricks!
That's it!  You two hold the hoop ... and I go through it!

You're suppose to give me a treat for that, Linda!

Hey...Willow!  I can go through the hoop, too!

Wanna Donk E Kiss?  Come on!  Step up!  Don't be shy!
You think that was cool?  Brace yourself for a Donk E hug, Willow!  I'm famous for them!
And I get hugs back!  How good is that!
OK!  Everybody get together for a group hug before you go in to see Piggy!
Harry...if you don't tell me to stay ... I'll just keep knocking them down as you keep setting them up!  It's part of our show!
Good boy, Harry!  But now you have to tell me to knock them down.  Otherwise I just stand here!  That's part of our show, too!
Good boy, Harry!  I get a treat for that!  You're suppose to give me four pellets for knocking down four pins! 
Hey Willow!  He He Snort!  Didn't think I could do that,,, did ya!  Guess what!  I can count to three!  Wanna see!
One...two...three!  Now I have to freeze!  Then I get three pellets for knocking down three pins!  If I knock the other pin down... I get no pellets at all!  Because that would be four!
Come on, Harry!  You can pat me!  Feel how ssssoft I am!  Right, Willow?!

He He!  Look at the sssquirming adultssss!  They can't believe you're ssso brave!

Your Mom can wear me as a bracelet!  I make a great scarf, too!
You'll come back to visssit us the next time you come up to vissssit Linda, OK? 
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