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December 5

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I wonder why Dottie's taking out the fake rock?
I don't know, Donk E!
I'll go ask her!  She's up with the chickens!

Dottie said she's gonna put it in the bunny yard for now!  She also said that when you're ready to learn how to up pretty....she'll take it out and let you practice on it!


Hey...Dottie?  About the new critter show everybody's all excited about?

Now the girls are going all diva on me...and eachother!  They're all practicing their tricks for the show!  They don't even have time to talk to me now!  It's all..."I'm doing that!"...or... "I can do it better"!

I tried to talk to them ...but they're too busy!

Oh...all right...
I'll try...again!

Hey there?  Blue Bunny?  Shadow?  Any bunny?

See?  They don't even know I exist anymore! 

 This is the third time I called them...and they won't answer my calls!

OK.... You sure? 

Hey come out here and talk to me right now!  You hear?

What is it, Romeo?  Make it quick...will ya?

Hi Bunnie!   I just wanted to talk to you for a little.  I miss you!  And the Girls!

Romeo ... I've been busy tuning up my log jumping trick!  I don't know what Blue Bunny's doing!  And Shadow won't tell me what she' up to ...she wants to keep it a surprise!  Nice talking to ya!  Gutta go!  Bye!

See?  I told ya...I'm not important any more.  It's just the show... the show... the show!

Hey...Romeo...  Turn around!  I didn't mean to make you feel bad!  I'm so sorry!

We're just happy to be doing something!  It's exciting!  A show!  Our very own show!  Just thinking about it makes me happy!
Hey Romeo...wanna be in our show?  ♥♥♥!
I don't think Dottie would let that happen!  Not untill I get neutered.
Romeo... She won't even let us girls out to run free, with you and Juliet!  Not 'till you get neutered! 

Bunnie...You mean... that's the only reason you're stuck in the bunny pen?  Is because I'm not neutered? 


Well... I gutta get going, Bunnie!  Good luck with the show!  OK?
Why did you bring that big fake rock in here?  And then you moved my "bridge to nowhere"!  I'm using that bridge for my trick for the show!
I'll go take a look and tell you if I like it or not!

 It's blocking the entrance to my underground bunny den!  You're gonna have to move it!  And put my bridge back where it was!  OK?

Hi Dottie!  Surprise!
All us chicks chipped in!
It's a gift for feeding us and giving us a good home!
Heat up some milk for a cup of hot cocoa...
Ya can't get them any fresher than that!

Scoop of vanilla ice cream!  Time for a break!

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