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And what is this...pray tell?  A bag!  Filled with watermellon and...Oh!... apples!

Oh my!

I just love watermellon....and apples!

And it's just sitting here, on the bench!

All alone!  No one around....hmmmmmm

It is such a beautiful day!  What a nice day for a walk in the woods!

Yeah!  That's it....

A woods walk!


Can we go on a woods walk?


Pretty please?

Hey Bianca...can you brush Solly a little faster?

We're all waiting for him!



Oh...look, Bianca!  Good spot ove here!

Aw, Come on, Donk E!  There's better stuff up here...over the hill!

Hey, Bianca...  Why do I have to be on a leash...and Solly doesn't? 
Because it's my turn to run!  You got to run the last time! 

And that's what I plan on doing!

I'll run this way!

I think I'll run this way, now!

Run, run, turn to run!

Solly...I don't know why I have to be on a leash, when it's you who always runs off!

I promised to stay around and keep out of I get to run this time!

Come on, Donk E!  Run with me!

Aw...that's can't run...

because you're on a leash!

Ha ha ha!

Boy, Bianca...sometimes that Solly can make me so mad!

Ha ha ha!  Come on Donk E.

Betchya you can't catch me!

Dottie...Solly's eating in my spot...and he won't go away!

When Dottie prayed for the perfect critters...what was she thinking?  Sometimes Solly is just too much...even for me!  Expecially since he ran out of his flower drops.  We need to get him a refill!  Or two!

I don't know what his problem is.  I'm just glad to go on the woods walk! 

Oh look!  Fern!

I love fern!

Yes...Bianca...I'm coming!

Hey...wait for me!

I'm coming, too!

Mmmmm...nice and tender!  I love little treelings!

I know if I don't stay with the pack...I'll be on the leash tomorrow! 

I don't see why I should have to be on a leash! 

 Can we go to the pine patch, Bianca?

I love this spot!  Did you know...pine trees are a natural wormer for us?  Plus, they taste really good! 
I like the beech nut baby trees!  The leaves taste really good!  Mmmmmm, these are great!  As an alpaca...we only eat a few leaves, then move on to the next tree, that way we won't kill it by eating all the leaves, and it will still grow even more leaves for next year!

Galahad...these little scrub brushes are good, too!

Oh he comes again!

Did someone say they found a good spot?
Me and my big mouth!
Shhhh!  I found a tree with lots of moss on it!  Did you know moss grows on the north side of a tree?  This stuff is very tasty!
The bugs are starting to find us!  I brush them off my tummy by rubbing in the bushes!
and now I'll go the other way!  I'll tell you...these little buggers really take a bite!  Too bad I'm afraid of the bug spray bottle!  Funny...I like the hose splashed on me...but that spray scares me too much!

Bianca...can we start heading back?  I think the bugs found us!

Hey Donk E.  We better eat up cuz Galahad wants to head in!

Come on!  Let's go this way!  Follow me!
Do we have to go that way?  That's the long way home!
Hey Galahad...this is the path of all the good eatings!  Come on...we're running out of chow time!
Then I better finish my running.  And eating!  I really need to run!  It makes me feel good!  And it tires me out!  That's a good thing!  When I get tired...I don't pick on anyone!  I just want to rest!


and what do we have over here?

Oh...these are tasty!

And where have you been, Solly?

Just trying to give you some space!  Are we heading back, now?

Hey, Solly, can you swish your tail and get these bugs off my nose?
Okay!  The bugs are winning!  Come on...lets head back!  Maybe we can out run them!
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!  Who said that?  I wonder if he was a donkey too!
Hey Dottie!  How about a Donk E kiss!
Solly's right behind me...isn't he?

Solly, quit butting in!

I thought I heard you say green grass!  Just wanted to check it out for myself! were right!  The grass is greener!

And it's good too!

Aw...Donk E....don't go away mad.  That's just how he is.  Don't let him get to you!

You know really hurt the little guys feelings when you bully him like that.  I heard Dottie telling Joe that she might think of finding you a new home where you can be the only critter.

But I don't want to go...I like it here!  I love you guys! better grow wiser!  Looks like your time could be running out!

She said she'll give me till I'm three years old...I'm only two!  I'm suppose to be like this.

I don't think we can take another year!

And the saga rolls on!  Will Solly be able to learn how to be nice?  Dottie feels God sent him for a reason,  now she's trying to figure out what it could be!  All the critters I had to room with over the years...I never met anyone like him!  We always accepted eachother and got along!  If Solly doesn't smarten up soom...well...who wants to play with a meanie?  I think Dottie should put him back on the drops Phillis makes for him.  They really do make him mellow and nice to be around!
Hi!  We're the new baby ducks Dottie wanted!  We are under a heat lamp to keep us warm...that's why it looks all red!
This is what we look like with out the red light on!  Dottie got us so that when we get older, she'll let us out to eat all the slugs.  Slugs are toxic to alpacas, and with all the rain...we have quite a few! 
Hey you think Dottie will let me back in with Juliette?  All the baby bunnies went to new homes!  Don't we need new baby bunnies?
Ha Ha Ha!  That's a good one, Romeo!  I think she's happy with the ones she has!  She wants to get them use to being handled, and with just the three...she'll have more time to work with them!
I don't have the heart to tell him Dottie's thinking of getting him neutered!
Neutered?  Someone say neutered?
Bianca brought me down to the front field for some quality Donk E time!  We have  company...and all the kids are here with their tubes to play in the creek!
Oh boy!  Company!  Do you have any carrots for me?
That was nice of them to fill up our hay bin!
Jamie brought his friend and neighbor, Mike, to visit with us!  They're helping me go through the hoop!  I can't fit through this one, though.  But I like to put my feet in and walk around with it on!  That's a fun thing!
Ahhhhh!  That's the spot!  This kid Mike, really knows how to use the brush! 
They put me in here so I don't hog all the attention. have a carrot for me?  Good Boy!

This is too funny!  Humans in the bunny cage and the bunny being outside!  I could get use to this!

Ha Ha!  I did!  What a life I have here!  Dottie said i would be going to a place to get nurtured!  I don't know why I need to go anywhere for that!  I get it all the love and caring that I need right here!

I'm one of the new baby chicks!  See the red thing on my head?  That means I'm a rooster baby!  One of four!

Dottie calls me Eagle...because I have a black body and a white head! (She likes me the best!)

She said three of us roosters has to go to new homes soon.  She calls us the new "green" alarm clocks, powered by corn!  We are naturally dependable to ge you up early!  We eat bugs, and we fertilize too!

I'm just laying here on my fresh pile of hay, chilling out!  Everyone's been coming over to me to give me lovings!  I'm having a hard time getting up today with this arthritus and all.  But that's okay!  I've known most of these people for all my life!  It's good to see old friends! gonna share that cup of grain?

No...not with Galahad!

With me!

Thank you for this grain, Brenda!  You just keep your hand full, and I'll keep eating  it very gently!  We have a good thing going!  I like when you come to visit!

What are you doing with my dinner cup of grain?

What happened to Brenda?

That's nice of her to keep Donk E busy!


How much do we have left in the cup?


This is my first time, really being snuggled!  I like it!  It's hard to believe when I get older, I'll turn white!  I kinda like the yellow!

I like being snuggled, too!  Her hands are warm!  I feel safe!

I wonder what those red things are at the end of her fingers?

Hey Wayne!  Good to see you!'s been awhile!  Yes!  I'm still here!  They still have food left!  Talking about food...whatcha got for me?
Wayne's feeding me my breakfast, and patting the fur on my neck at the same time!  He says my fur feels soft!  Of course it does!  I'm an alpaca!
Thank you for the carrots...but I'd rather get my back scratched!  Oh that feels good!  Little to the left!  Oh...thank you!
Hmmm....he still has half a bag of carrots left!

You still have carrots left?!!  Will you share them with us?

Here's the keys, Wayne!  I get a carrot for bringing you the keys!

Hey Wayne...I can get the keys too!  See!

Can I have a carrot, too?

Do I get a carrot for looking handsome?

We're in a little cage waiting to go into a bigger cage, so that we can be outside in the sunshine!

Oh...we have new baby ducks!

Arn't they so cute?

I wonder if they eat carrots, too?

Hope not!

Dottie?  Can you bring out the hose?

It's really getting hot out here!

Thank you!  This is gonna be great!

That's good!  Make lots of cold wet mud!  I'm coming...It's wet!

I'm coming!

It's cold and wet!

Ah!  Get my chest!

And my legs!

Try not to get the fur on my back wet...cuz it gets way too hot for me.  It's like wearing a wool sweater when it's 90 degrees out!  And when it gets wet, it's like wearing a blanket over the sweater!


Right there!

The cold water feels really, really good!

Get the tail now!  Yep!  That's it!

When my tails makes a better bug swatter!

Oh this is heaven!

Dottie's running the hose in front of the water flows underneath me!  This keeps my chest and belly cool!  It feels really good, cuz it helps take away the itch of the bug bites, too!

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