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December 1  Part 5

Come on, Donk E!  Let's play on the fake rock thing and let Solly have the "Show Ring" all to himself!

Sounds good to me, Mat!

Galahad, would you like to join Donk E and me?  We're gonna learn some new tricks for the show!  Without Solly!

Sure!  Thanks, Mat! 

Hey you guys...I want to be in your show, too!

See?  I can up pretty on the rock thing!

Solly!  That was gonna be our trick!

Ya!  You trick hog!

I can up pretty better than all of you!  That's why it should be my trick! something before I turn him into glue!

Solly!  What's so hard about up pretty? 

Well...Donk E can't up pretty!  And I can!  He He!  So it's my trick, now!

I can up pretty, Solly!  So I want this to be my trick!


How 'bout if I share it with you, Mat!

Naaaa...I don't think so, Solly!  I'm gonna do the up pretty on the fake rock thing with Donk E!

Donk E?  What's the matter?

I don't know how to up pretty, Mat!

Then I'll teach you, Donk E!  It's easy!

Maybe for you, Mat!

Aww...Come on, Donk E!  We'll start small...and then work our way up!  Ok?

Good... job...Donk E!   I'm right behind ya, buddy!

You're doing great, Donk E!  Is that easy to do?  Do you think it's something I could do?

This is too easy...Galahd!  I already know how to walk the plank!  I want the plank to be higher!  That way... the humans will be able to see how scary it is to be up so high!

It's scary, Donk E? 

 It's scary to me, Galahad...I'm afraid of heights!

Dottie...thank you for putting the plank up on cinder blocks for Donk E!  He's been feeling so sad since you took the fence off from around the rock thing! 
Once Solly claimed it... that was it!  It's all about "him"...Solly... the amazing wonder horse!  He's ...obnoxious?  Would that be the word?  Being stinky...and making me sick to all four of my stomaches?
You gutta do something about Solly!  He's gonna want his own room now!  And none of us will be good enough to go in there!   (big..... sigh.........)  It's hopeless!
And poor Donk E!  He just wants to do tricks to make the humans laugh and feel happy!  Donk E would give you the shoes right off his feet!  Well... that's if he wore shoes...which he doesn't... But anyway...
We gutta help Donk E learn some more tricks!  Things that just he can do!  That will make him feel better about himself!
I know!  We can teach him how to stand on three feet and touch his nose!  Like this!  Nope...can't do!  To tough!
I know!  I can teach Donk E how to walk across these log tops!  It's not very high....well...on this side, anyway!
Hey, Donk E!  How's this for a trick!
We could walk across the log tops...hop off the end here...and then walk the plank!  Dottie just put it up on blocks for you!
Come on!  I'll teach you!  We'll work on it together!  Just you and me!  It will be our trick! 

You go clean our poo, Dottie!  Donk E and I are gonna learn how to up pretty!  Right...Donk E?  I love you, too!  Now... go away...we have work to do!

Dottie...we've been at this up pretty for a while now!  I just can't do it!

Hey Dottie...over here...on the right!  It's not gonna happen!  Donk E can't get up there!

I just can't get up that high.  Not only did I grow up...

...I grew out!

I'll say ya did, Donk E!

That's it!  It's hopeless!  I'm never gonna learn how to up pretty.

You get back there, Donk E!!  Give it another try!

Oh... all right...up's not working!

Try it again Donk E!

Ok...up's still not working!

Try it again, Donk E!  I am not giving up on him!

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