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December 1     Part 4!

Come on, Donk E!  Let's practice walking the plank!

I'm right behind you, Mat!

You two call that a trick?  That's so easy...even a baby could do it!  Ha Ha!

Come on, Donk E!  Let's go work on something else!  Somewhere else!

No, Mat...that's it!  I've had enough of Solly!

Oh...come on Donk E!  Let's go play over there!  OK?

Solly!  Get off your high horse and stop being such a diva!

Ya, Donk... and what are you gonna do about it, hunh?

Guys...come on!  Donk E...let Solly be a diva if he wants to!  What do we care!

Donk E...get out of my face!  You guys are just jealous because my tricks are better than yours!

Solly!  I can't believe you would talk to Donk E like that!

Whoa boy...this Solly thing is getting way out of hand!

What do you say?  Can we have the show here...instead of in the corral?  I won't budge untill you say we can have the show here!
I wouldn't want to be in a show with you...Solly!
Who asked you...fuzz face?
Oh!  Look!  We have a visitor!

Hi Mike!  I'm gonna be a star!

You're something, Solly...but it ain't a star...that's for sure!

It's my turn now, Mike!  Say Galahad!  You have to say our name, that way the others will wait their turn!

Say Mat, Mike!  Say Mat quick...or they'll try to take my treat!

Gal...a...had!  Thank you, Mike!!  My treat!

Me Mike!  You forgot me!  Mat!

Thank you!

Hey I get a treat for waiting?

Say my name, Mike!  Quick...quick!  Say Galahad!
This...waiting for your name to be called to get your for the birds!
Donk ...E!  You should give me two, Mike!  You missed me the last time!

It's me, again!  Maaaat!

And me too...Donk E!

Bye Mike!  Bring Diane back and I'll show you all my tricks!

I thought you weren't gonna budge of the stump, Solly!

He had treats, Donk!

I'm on my way back there, right now!  Ew!  I found something!
Here's the keys!  I found them under the leaves!
I do that way better than Donk E!
 You irked me to the breaking point, Solly!
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