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December 1  Part 3

Hey Dottie....up here!  Check this out!
This would make an excellent show ring!
I want to be the ring leader!  What do you mean... I've been a ring leader all my life?
I'm not moving from this spot ...untill you say ...we can have our show here!  In the rock thing area.  OK?
I'd look good in a tux...don't ya think?  Hmmm Humph...Ladies and Gentlemen....  I present to you...Solly!  The Wonder Horse!  Oh ...I like the sound of that!
Wonder Horse my butt!  Ya...  We have to wonder what he's up to!  He Haw!
Can I walk the plank for the show?

I need the plank a little higher for the full effect, ok?

Dottie?  Solly's starting to scare me!  He hasn't moved a muscle!  Is he all right?

I told ya...I'm not moving 'till you say this can be our show ring!
I want to be in the show, too!  I just don't know any tricks, yet!
Laying down...putting my halter on and putting my head in your hand are tricks?  For real?  Cool!

Those aren't real tricks, Galahad!

Dottie said they were, Solly!

Dottie...Solly's turning into a Diva, again!

Can I get a bigger hula hoop!  For Christmas...All I want's a hula hoop!!
I'll take the hula hoop if Donk E doesn't want it!
Did you make your mind up yet?  I'm starting to get a little tired up here, ya know!
Will you make this our show ring?  I have the whole show planned already!  I can up pretty...give you my paw...get the keys for you...pull the hanky out of your pocket and hand it to you...I can do the cha cha AND the waltz!  Come on...bring it on!
Solly!  It's our show, too! 
That's true, Donk E!  But I'm the star because I know the most tricks! 

Well...then why don't you be a star in your own show!  We'll have a show of our own, Solly!

Wow...a show of my very own!  I like that!  Solly!  The Most Amazing, Smartest, Handsome, Wonder Horse in the World!  Ya Baby!

Know what Solly?  You are so full...of yourself!  I wouldn't want to be in your show, anyway!

Who cares?  How 'bout it, Dottie!  Whadaya say?  Hey...can you move that big rock?  It's in the way! 

Ya...that one!  You're gonna need two hands to move it!
That's the rock?'s empty!
Donk E...look!  The rock is empty!
Heyyyyyyy.......'s fake!  That's not a real rock, Mat!
If it's not rock, Donk E...then what is it?
Sniff... lick... sniff... sniff     It's plastic!
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