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December 1   Part 2

Hey there?  Blue Bunny?  Shadow?
What's up, Romeo?  What's going on out there?
They're talking about turning the rock thing area into a show ring!
A show ring?  Hey...Blue Bunny...did you hear that?

I heard!  I wonder what I can do to be in the show!

Can I be in the show, too, Blue Bunny?

I think it's a great idea!
Dottie...hear me out on this!
This spot would make a great show ring!
You were thinking of building us a place to do our show!
Why spend the time building one...when we already have one!  Right here!
Well...why waste time?  I think it's a great idea!
Come on, Donk E!  Let's practice our tricks for the show!

But Mat...I don't know that many tricks!

Say what?  Donk have a whole bunch of tricks you can do!

What about your hoola hoop tricks, Donk E!  You have a bunch of them!
I think I need a bigger hulla hoop!  I barely fit through this one!
Hey!  That's my baby halter!  Where'd ya find that!

That's your baby halter, Donk E?  It seems so small!

Well...I was small at one time!  I was just a baby when I came here, Mat!

You really wore this, Donk E?

It almost fits me! were a little guy too, hunh, Donk E?

Is that why you were always sticking up for me when I first came here, Donk E?  You knew what it was like to be little?

When you came here, were so tiny...that I grew up to make sure Solly didn't pick on he did me!

I sure grew up, quick...didn't I Dottie!  And I kept growing!  Now I'm almost as big as Solly!

Please let us have the rock thing area for our show ring?  Pretty please?

Ya!  Pretty please?

What's going two?

We're trying to talk Dottie into letting us do our show in the rock thing area!

What a great idea!  I want to be in the show...But I don't know any tricks!
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