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December 1

Wow!  What a difference a day makes!  The chicken yard is huge!  And we can't eat the tree, now...bumma!
Good morning everybody!  Hey!  Did ya notice the fence is missing from around the rock thing?
Is it morning, already?  I'm allergic to mornings!
You're up early!  What time is it, anyway?
Bed head!  Bad case of it, too!
Oh...ya...!   (yawn)
My winter fur is growing in and it's really itchy!  (Fart...plop plop plop)  Excuse me!
Make sure you pick that up on your way by!  Thanks!
Hey, Dottie?  Can we go out grazing after breakfast?
I'd much rather go for a woods walk...with you!  Maybe after you clean our poo!  Cool!  But there's a lot of poo! 
That's good stuff, too!  We trade it for food!  It's our very own business..."We Poo For You!"  Natural fertilizer!  Hey!  It works for us!  They bring us bags of food...and we send them back with buckets of poo!  They put it in their gardens to grow their own food!   We get the left overs...which makes even more poo!  Everybody's happy!
I'll eat my breakfast, while you do room service, okay?
These are Galahads' Magic Alpaca Beans!  Did you know you can mix these right in with the dirt without waiting for it to compost?  Yep!  They help grow wicked good tomatoes!  And lots of them, too!
This is Sollys' poo!  You'd figure for the amount of food that he eats...that his pile would be as big as an elephants poo pile!
And this is my pile...Donk Es!  Even though Solly eats way more than I do...I poo way more than him!  Dottie said it's my metabolism...or something like that!
Please can we go for a walk this morning?
I'll even wear the halter!  Here...
I know how much work it takes to keep us happy and healthy!  Here's a big Donk E hug...just for you!
Going for a woods walk is healthy!  And it makes us happy!  So it's a good thing!
Please say yes...please?
I love Donk E hugs, back!
I can wait till you're done with your chores!  And then we'll go!  OK?
Hey Solly!  Look what I can do, now that the fence is down around the rock thing!  We can do our show right here! might have something there, Mat!  That could be a great idea!
I can walk across the log tops...and then onto the rock thing!
I can show them how nimble footed a goat can be!
I can walk right to the end...and look cute!  Then I can do a big finish!

Hey Donk E...let me hop on your back!

No way, Mat!

Oh well...your loss!  I need a big ending!  I know!  Here we go!  Ta - Da!
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