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November 29

Oh...goodie!  Here comes Dottie!
I wonder if she'll bring us hot oatmeal and's a good morning for it!  Brrrrrrrrr!
Back off, Donk E!  I get lovings first!  You went first the last time!

Boy,'re beginning to sound like Solly...more and more everyday!

Hey, say that like it's a bad thing!

Just scratch your way right back to my tail!
Dottie?  Can we go for a woods walk after breakfast?
Come on...take a break!  Take us for a walk!  ...But you're always gonna have things that need to be done!

Ya ya ya!  That's what you said yesterday!  And we couldn't go 'cuz it was too late...and you were too tired!

Whoa...Donk E!  Don't talk to her that won't get you any where!  Talk nice to her!  She likes that!

Please can we go for a walk?  When you're done?  Pretty please?  With apple and watermellon on it?
You promise?!!  If we let you finish your work?  Cool!
It's a deal!
Donk E...Mat...wanna get into something so she lets us out while she works?
No way...Solly!  Everytime you get into something...we get into trouble!

Well...lookie what we have here!  .......The Poo Cart!

Don't fall for it, Mat!  Solly's just trying to get us in trouble!

Donk like tipping over the poo cart!

But it's empty, Solly!  It's no fun when it's empty!

Sure it is, Donk E!  You and Mat do it all the time!

Ya!  And we get in trouble for it, Solly!

Donk's empty!  That's the beauty of it!  You won't get in trouble, 'cuz she won't have to pick up all the poo...again!'ve got a point, there, Solly!

Go it...have some fun!

Come on, Donk E!  Let's do it!  Help me push!

What's in it for you...Solly?

Me?  I'm just gonna stand over here...and watch you guys have some fun!

I don't know, Mat...Dottie always tells us ..."no tipping over the poo cart"!

But Solly was right, Donk E...we can't get in trouble if it's empty!

I know, Mat!  And it is ...empty!

Come on, Mat!  Let's tip it over!

Now you're talking, Donk E!

Okay, Donk E!  I'll push this end...and you go down the other end and push!  Ok?

Ok, Donk E!  Grab a hold of it and push!

On the count of three...ready?


Weeeeeeeeeeee!  We did it, Mat!

Ya...Donk E!  That was fun!  Even if it was empty!

Hey Mat!  Maybe I can flip it back so we can tip it again!

Good...idea...Donk E!

Come on, Mat!  Help me push it back up!

Wow!  The poo cart is heavier than I thought it would be...
Especially being empty!  Hey... Mat...are you pushing?
Yes I am, Donk E!  With everything I've got!  (He...he...he!)
Donk E didn't think that it was as funny as I did!  Oh well!  He He!
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