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November 27   Part 2

Hey Mat!  Come here!  You gutta see this!
I hope she takes the tarp off the tree!  The bark taste really sweet!
Here comes Dottie!  And she has more wood! 

I better get out to give her some room to work!

Where'd she go now, Galahad?

Probably to get some more tools!

Hey...Annie Chick...what's going on?

Hi Donk E...Hi Mat!  Dottie's gonna open up the duck pen to join the chicken pen!  Cool, hunh?

Look, Mat!  You can see the front field with the wall gone!

Lookie here, Donk E!  She's got the tin snips out!  That means she's gonna be cutting some wire!

Donk E!  You can see all the way to the river!

Hey, Mat!  She has the sawz all and a flat bar, too!  Wonder what she's gonna do?

Look at all the hay in there, will ya, Mat!

Ya, Donk E!  Bet there's a lot of chicken food mixed in with it!  The chickens scratch it all over the place!

Look, Mat!  She's letting the water out of the duck pond!
She's gonna take this whole thing apart!
Hey Donk E!  Check this out!  The wall's gone!
Wow!  Dottie can work faster ...  without our help!  Bumma!
You believe this?  The ducks even got their own pond!
I want a Donk E pond!
I'm gonna go see what the boys are up to!
Mat told me Dottie was to busy working to take them for a walk!  Maybe I can help her get done faster!
I can do stairs really good now!
Wow!  That wall wasn't there, before!!  With cream and sugar!
Hey Piggy!  The door's open!  Come in and check it out!


Why... Donk E?

We're getting shooed out...that's why!

Hey you guys!  Come on...the gate's still open!

You don't have to tell me twice, Galahad!

Hey Solly...wait for me!  I'm moving, Dottie!  I'm moving!  Geesh!  We just wanna help so we can all go for a walk!

You believe that, Solly?  She locked us out!  Usually she locks us in!

So what do ya wanna do, Donk E?

Oh!  Let's get into something!  That's always fun!

Oh...I don't guys!  That doesn't sound like it's gonna be fun for Joe and Dottie!

Come on, Galahad!  Live a little!

I know!  Let's go see if Donk E can wrap his lips around the door knob to the studio!

Donk E...don't do it!  Please don't do it!  You'll get into all kinds of trouble!  You know it!

Don't worry, Galahad!  I remember what happened the last time I opened a door for him!  He didn't think I could do it...'cuz he tried a hundred times...and his lips just wouldn't work like mine!  As soon as I got the door open to the feed room...he pushed right by me to get to the food!  Man!  We were sick for a week!  I never pooed so much in my life!

ummmm...Dottie?  Can I go play with the boys?  You locked me in by mistake!
Boys...Oh Boys!  Wait for me!  Wanna go grazing down by the front field?  Find some acorns, maybe???
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