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November 27

What a great morning!  I love when we get to have hay up in the back barn!
Hey!  Here comes Dottie!
She has her tools, too!
Hi Dottie!  What's up?  Where ya going with the tools?
You're re-doing the chicken area?  Taking the boards down so they can get sunlight?  Making their yard bigger?  And you're doing all that, today?  Ya... right!
Want some help?
I can pull this board off for you!
I figured...if I help... you'll get done faster...and we can go for a woods walk....or....I'll just keep getting in the way 'till you let us out to graze!  Your choice!
Can I help, too?  I wanna go on a woods walk!

What's she doing, Solly?

Chicken coop make over!

What can we do to help her, Solly?

She said... it will take her longer if we help, Donk E!

Do you think she'll take us for a woods walk when she's done with the chicken yard, Solly?

I think...Donk E...if we hang around long enough...she'll let us out... just to get us out of the way!


Can I get you your saw?  How 'bout the flat bar?
Here's your hammer!  Want your hammer?  I'll get it for you!

Hey!  A cord!  A saw cord!  Want me to plug it in for you?

You go, Mat!  Doing good!

I'm just trying to that we can go for a woods walk after you're done!
Need your cords unraveled? 
Let me see!  Do you have any pencils you don't need?  Maybe one with a little rubber eraser on the end?
Why'd ya push everything into the middle?  Now I can't get to anything!  How can I help...when you won't let me?

She shoed me away, Donk E!

I know Mat!  That's good!  That's just what we wanted!

I think it worked, Donk E!  She's putting her tools down!


Hey!  Joe, buddy!  She let us out!

Hi Joe! 

Hey, Joe!

Can we help you, Joe?  Dottie doesn't want our help!

We all tried to help her...but she shoed us away!
Hey, Look!  She's using the sawz all!
Hey, Joe!  Wait up!
I tried to help her!  She had three pencils!  She only needs one!  Why do they make them taste so good... if you're not suppose to eat them?
Hey it my turn yet?
Oh Ya!
Half inch to the right, please?
Oh!  Yes!  Right there!  Good spot!
Joe?  Is it my turn again...yet?  You scratched Solly more than you did me!
Hey Joe!  Down here!  It's my turn for lovings now!!

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