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November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...from all of us at Critter Encounter!

Do I really have to wear this silly turkey hat?  I mean...come on! 

I'm out of here, Donk E... before she trys to make me wear it! 

Hey, Zeekie Kitty?  Can I ask you something?

Sure...what's up, Piggy?

What's Thanksgiving?

Well,'s a human holiday, when they say what they're thankful for!

Zeekie...I'm thankful for everything! 
Gee...Zeek Kitty...I'm thankful all the time!  Why do humans have only one day to be thankful?
Know what, Zeekie?  I'm especially thankful for my nose!  And my short little legs!  And I owe that all to you!
Me?  Why me, Piggy?
It was you, Zeek, who made me feel good about my weird nose, and little short legs!  Remember when you called me a "Forest Torpedo"?  I can find all the good acorn spots because I'm so close to the ground!  And it makes the boys very happy...when I find acorn spots for them!  And I owe it all to you, Zeekie Kitty! 

Hey!  That reminds me...I owe you a Piggy kiss, for that! 

Na...that's ok, Piggy!  I'll pass on that!

Zeekie Kitty?  Where'd ya go?  Hey!  Come back here!
Hi Stef!  You're back to visit?  Oh!  You're trading a bag of chicken food for the rest of the baby silkie chicks?  And the two baby ducks, too?  Cool!
'Bout time!  They're old enough to "leave the nest"!  Now they can start a nest of their own! 
Just us girls left!

...and Annie!  Hey, Annie?  What's going on?

I don't know yet, Just Duckie!  I just got here!

Looks like the chicken coop is getting a make over!

Dottie's been busy...I'll tell you that!

It's a duck coop, too, ladies!  And it's heated!
We dig them...Dottie fills them!
What do you expect, Dottie...we're bunnies!
I love babies!

Look how beautiful our Shadow is!

You think I'm beautiful, Momma?

Hey, Blue Bunny...come on out!  We have a visitor!
Oh!  Hi Dottie!
I was just hanging out in the den!
Re rearranging the hay piles in the den...and stuff like that!  Hey... can you scratch back a little?  Oh ya!
Good spot!  Little to the right, maybe?
Blue Bunny?  Why didn't you tell Dottie that it was YOU who was doing the hole digging?
'Cuz it's your mothers turn to take the blame!  I took the blame the last time!
All dressed up...and no place to go!
We have places to go...we're going visiting!  Right after my nap's done!  Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!   Zzzzz  Snort Snort!
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