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November 23

Good morning, Dottie!  I'm ready to eat!  I run into my area as soon as I hear you getting the food bowls ready!  I get to eat first, right?

I get fed second!  She's cutting our grain down for the winter...I can tell!
Hey of the chickens left you a present!  In my hay bin!  Can you get it out before it breaks...and I get egg on my face?
While the three of us are eating our breakfast...Dottie brings out Galahads food, and closes the barn door so we can't "bother" them, while they train!
It's breakfast time!  Once I get dressed (my halter on)...I get to eat!
As I eat...Dottie walks all around me...saying "touch"...and then touches me.  I learned not to be afraid!  Only took me two years! 
Sometimes she gets right in there and gives me a good scratching!  It feels so good!  I find myself leaning into her!
Sometimes I even get a neck massage!  Do you know how good that feels?  Especially when you have a long neck like mine!  Oh ya!
Hey Dottie!  We need more hay in the back barn! 
Why'd ya take Sollys room apart?  Now he'll be able to eat my food!  What do you mean eat faster?  I have to eat fast already or Mat will move in and finish it for me!  Now I have to worry about Solly, too?  And what's that smell?  It smells like a hampster cage!  Cedar shavings keep the ticks away?  Really?  Cool!
Bumma!  We had quite the hole dug, too!

Blue Bunny digs a nice hole, doesn't she?  Munch, munch munch! were the one digging ...I was just pushing the dirt away!

Why'd ya tell Dottie I dug the hole, Bunnie?

No use both of us getting in trouble!  Right... Blue Bunny?  That's what you said the last time we got caught!

Darn!  She filled it in ...again!  Start digging!
Here comes Dottie!  And she has treats, too!
Oh!  I love carrots!  May I have two, please?

Juliet...I thought she was gonna feed us in the pen!

It's not time to go in yet, Romeo!  This is fine!

Must be supper time!  Here comes Dottie!
When she calls..."here...chick chick chicks"...we come running!
Come on, you guys!  Out of the way!  She's coming in with fresh food!



Hey you guys!  It's the dinner bell!
Wonder what we'll get for desert?
Wish we had watermellon!  Hadn't had that in a long time!
I'm coming...I'm coming!  Wait for me!
Can I have a treat, too?

Thank you!

Hey...what about me!

They can have the carrots!  I want the bag!
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