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Aug 8 - 15    Page 19                    we have to take a nap?

I don't want to nap...

I want to play!

Ok...I'll take my nap if we can go for a walk later...




Ok...I'm awake again!

Can we go for a walk, now?

Did I hear someone say go for a walk...

or was I dreaming?

Can we go now?   Please?
I'll get my brush!
Can I have some bug spray with that brushing, please?

Dottie didn't lock the bunny gate!

I smell apples...and carrots...and hay...and bunny food!  Hmmmm

Hey Donk...I'll share it all with you if you help me get in there!
Ollie ollie entry!  We have green stuff!  Get it while it's fresh!
Oh this fresh stuff is so good!  And there's purple clover mixed in with it!  Those are really, really good!

Dottie...I'm board.

There's nothing to do but eat...

I want to play!

Come with me!

We have company coming?

Bianca's gonna stay for a whole week?

I can't wait!

We love Bianca!

So when you tell me "up pretty"...I stand up on this stump, and look pretty!

Don't I look pretty?

Expecially with the new hair cut you gave me!

Then you ask me if I'm a good boy...and I shake my head yes!

Then you ask me if I've been a bad boy...and I shake my head no....well....sometimes!

Then you have to ask me for my paw...and I give it to you like this.  You have to shake it!

Perfect!  Hey're good!

Here's my halter!  You were suppose to ask me to get my halter.
This is where you tell me to get dressed!

Now you have to tell me to get my leash!

Here it is!

Can I have my treat now?

This is when I take the hanky out of your back pocket!

Feeling lucky today?

You're pretty brave, Bianca....I don't even trust me on this one!

Oh boy!  Now it's my turn to play with Bianca!

This is my little hoop!  Let's play with this!

I'm suppose to put it over the this...

but I don't want to do that right now!

Look at this, Bianca!

I can get inside my hoop, all by myself!

Is this cool or what!

I use to be able to walk through the little hoop...when I was little!

Thanks for getting the big hoop!

This is how I go through the big hoop!

Okay, Bianca....your turn!

You go through the hoop!

I'll hold it for you!

Can you believe Donk E is still trying to talk Bianca into going through the hoop?

He tried to get me to do it, too...but it didn't work!

Bianca is doing the cha cha with Donk E. 

Donk E takes two steps back...

three steps forward...


I'll tell this story, Galahad!

Then she tells me to ...

turn around,

turn around,

turn around

untill I make a complete circle!

Once I make a complete circle,

I get a treat! 

No...I'm not biting her hand...I have big flexible lips and I use them like fingers. 

That's how I get the barn door knob opened when Dottie's in there, getting our food ready.  She has to use a lock on the other side of the door!  I can't get to that one!

Bianca...Could I have a treat, too?

Hey, Bianca!

Look at me!

I'm playing dead!


Look at me!

That Donk E.

I'll tell you...

What a show off...

always looking for attention!

And they say I'm bad!

Hey you guys...

wait for me!

Wait up, will ya?

I'm coming, I'm coming! guys!

You could have at least waited at the top of the hill!

Solly's all mad because he has to be on a leash and I don't! 

 That's because he runs for the field where he knows the grass grows!

Not me though!

I just keep running circles around them!

and run

and run and run!

This is me running real fast!

You can tell...hunh?

And now I'm running real fast the other way!

Yee Haw!   Yee haw!

Bet cha didn't think I could run that fast...

didn't ya!


are you looking?

I'm playing dead!

Did you see it?

Can you believe Dottie's teaching my little chickies how to go through a hoop?

A long time ago, she had a chicken that would fly through the hoop, for a worm!  And she held the hoop high, too!

Now it's my turn!

Bianca is working with me on laying down when I'm asked!

Then she tells me touch...and starts patting my neck!

It feels good!  I like it!

Then she offers me a little grain, because I was good!

In all my 8 years...I never had to be patted, or lay down for anybody, before I came here!  This is all new to me!

But we all think I'm doing really good!

I know I came a long way...because I really like it now!

When she says "up"...I get up!

Then she says "touch" again...

and then pats me again!

I get offered a little more grain for just letting her pat me!

How good is that!

I know I have it made here!

I like when I get to work with people, one on one!

It teaches us both how to trust!

That's important!

Dottie...could you please let me out of the corral...

Solly's picking on me!

This is much better!


Hey...that's not fair...I was only playing!

You were picking on me!

Was not

Was too!

This is allot nicer!
At least Galahad and Baaart are fun to be around!

I don't want to play with a bully.
It's just not fun to be pushed around all the time.

Dottie said by next year, he should be grown up enough to behave himself.

I don't think we can wait that long!


Oh...come on Donk E!

It's no fun chasing myself!

Solly, we ran out of those flower essense drops that Phillis was making for you to be less aggressive.  We really can see the difference in you.  When you take the're actually nice to be with.  But when you get one wants to play with you.  That's sad!  You really are a nice horse, and the smartest horse I know! 

I'm too bossy...


They just need to toughen up a little!


Hey...I tried!

If you're wondering why the pictures are so small...Dottie made a mistake when she sized them.  Oops!  But the good news is...she'll be able to fit more in.  But next time, I'm sure she'll get it right!

Oh boy!  Cabbage!

I love cabage!

Yum, yum, yum!

We love cabbage, too!

Would you like a Donk E snuggle?

How 'bout a cup of coffee?

I am so lucky!  Not only did I get a good brushing...But she kissed me!  Right on my fuzzy little snout!  How good is that!

Hey, Bianca...wanna play with the foam mace?
You swing it and try to hit you!
Oh...come on!  You don't want to give those carrots to Galahad!


you're gonna save a carrot for me...right!  After all...You said I was the best Donk E!

I'm being good, and waiting my turn!

Hey...he got three, already!

Hey Bianca!  Look!  I'm sitting!  That's worth a carrot...isn't it?
I am so trying to be a good boy.  I'm just hanging up here...eatting my own pile of hay...not bothering anybody!  I wanna be a good's just so hard!
Hey Solly!  The dog's sleeping!  Let's see if I can grab his tail!
I can't believe Solly wanted no part of it!  Look at him...he is trying so hard to be good!  I wish he were like this all the time! 
Is that a hand full of carrots I see?

Don't mind if I do!


Thank you!

This sweet little girl came by to pick out a baby bunny!  She was just so sweet...I couldn't leave her alone!
Fritz came back to work with me on my tricks!  I'm teaching him how I "up pretty"!
Now I'm showing off!  I'm turning a whole circle on my stump!  This is really hard...cuz I can't see my feet!  Fritz is guiding me just right!
Fritz, you have to shake it up and down!  That's it!  You're pretty good at this!

This is my funnest trick!  I get to pull the hanky from your pocket and wave it in the air!

I like this trick almost as much as up pretty!

I fetched your keys... give me my treat!

We're going for a woods walk!  Dottie tried to enlarge this photo, but it came out too fuzzy.  The small pictures made her sad, but she learned what not to do...and that's a good thing!

Hey Fritz...wait up!

There's some good stuff here!

I was humming Diane a song...and I was surprised she knew the words!

Come on you guys...follow me!  I know where the good stuff is!

But Donk E...what about the pine patch over there...that's good stuff, too!

I think I'll just plop down right here, in this sunny spot and catch my breath after climbing that hill.
Ok..I'm rested!  Oh!  Fern!  Nice tender fern!
Look at all the green, green grass in this field, Bianca!  Isn't it beautiful?

Never mind the field...Solly, check out the garden!  Let's go grab us some carrots!

No way, Donk...I'm trying to be good.

We're coming, Bianca!  And I was a good boy! 
I'm trying to be good.  Really!  It's lonely when you have no one to play with.  I'll just mind my own business, and eat.  Look how tall this grass's taller tham me!
I can't believe how tall this stuff got!  Where's it all been hiding?

I can't believe Solly wants to be good!

Hey Bianca....can we go over to the tall grass?  The bugs are biting my tummy, and I want to get them off me.

This looks like a good spot!
Much better...thank you!
I...smell...bunny food...and carrots!  And the gate's not locked!   Hmmmm's not my fault you left it open!
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