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3/28/09  This morning it was beautiful!  Birds singing...warm breeze, sun out  who could ask for more?  Last night Dottie was teaching Donk E how to find easter eggs.  Well, he must of thought about it all night!  This morning...he knew what he was doing!  He would find an egg, and just brush it with his nose, and Dottie would give him a piece of carrot.  He found them all!  Then Dottie let Solly have a turn.  He tried to eat the egg!

Here's Donkey playing with the hula hoop.  He can't understand how he use to fit through this!  We'll have to get him a bigger one!  Give him an A for effort !

I can't believe it doesn't fit me anymore!  I guess I'm growing up!  Watch out Solly...I'll be as big as you soon!  Of course once Solly saw me having fun, he had to grab the spot light!  He never even played with the hoop all of a sudden it's....hey Dottie...see what I can do.  Give me the carrot!  He's such a show off!

Here I am learning how to walk the plank.  It took a few tries, but once I had the hang of was easy! Dottie would walk next to me and made me feel safe!  She even did it herself a few times.  Now I just walk on it like it was right on the ground!

This is me doing the hoop.  I never did it before, but after seeing Donk get the goodies...I'm right there!  Donk E still tries to go through the hoop.  But ME?  I like to toss it! each his own! 

This is me painting!  I was born to be a Picaso!  The first moment she let me grab hold of the brush....I knew EXACTLY what to do.  And I just started painting everything I could!  Dottie couldn't get a picture of it.  She was too busy trying to get the brush way was I gonna let it go...this was fun!

I got into the purple paint when Dottie was teaching Solly how to paint.  It sure didn't taste purple!  She was too busy chasing Solly!  When he got a hold of the brush, he started to paint everything!  Even Dottie! 

4/2  It's a beautiful day today.  Just hanging out with the chick.  We enjoy sharing a meal as long as she doesn't pick out all the good stuff!  I'm glad the warm weathers coming...looking forward to some nice green grass...oh I can't wait! 
I so love walking the plank!  This is fun, and I get carrots for this?!!  They tell me donkeys are very sure footed!  Dottie was thinking of making us a see saw like they have in the dog shows...only not so high!  and mabey some of those poles we can run between.   Why should dogs have all the fun?
Solly and I are actually sharing the hay pile.  Well, he's sharing the best he can.  As long as I stay way over here he's ok!  He is a hoover vacuum with a tail!  This whole pile will be gone before he moves! 

April 6   Boy where has the time gone?  We have been so busy with guest's been great!  This is my buddy Ben.  He loves me!  (Don't they all!)  Here he is getting one of my famous donkey hugs.  And he hugged me right back!  He's a critter lover from way back.  He says he wants to bring some people who would love me so much that they would want to bring me home with them.  Dottie won't let me go, but they can come visit and get their own Donk E hugs!

This is me getting a carrot from Bens friend Shirley!  He brought her for a visit to meet us!  I got my back scratched, my ears rubbed, and hugged and loved!  Oh ....this is the life!  We had a ball!  She was teaching me how to get the carrot from her lips.  Who's she kidding....she just wanted a Donk E kiss!  I'll give her those even without a carrot!
Ben had this thing on his head, and I kept trying to get it off him!  He's wise to me though!  He couldn't believe how smart I was!  I got to show him some of my tricks!  I love when the humans laugh!  It makes me feel like I'm doing something right!  Ben knows all the good places to scratch!  He was a lot of fun!  He said he wants to come back with more people!  Bring 'em on! 
Here's Donk E and me with Jane.  She came up from Boston.  Jane was my mom before I came to live with Dottie.  She came to see how I was doing because she missed me!  Once she saw how loved I was, she felt a whole lot better!  Dottie showed her how I lay down for her to halter me, and how I helped by putting my head in it for her.  Jane was impressed.  It was nice to spend time with her.  The others liked her too!  She had a ball teaching us tricks!
This is Jane giving me lovings!  She knew my good spots right away!  I found out she has a mini horse who looks just like me!  She said he was a little trouble maker too, when he was young!  His name is Flash!  Dottie almost got him, but Jane couldn't sell him.  He was the first baby born on her farm.  But that's ok!  They got me! 
Here we are doing tricks!  She thought the stump was too high for me.  I showed her!  I love "up pretty"  because it's an easy carrot!  As you can tell....I love all the attention!  Jane was really impressed with how smart I was!  I had her laughing at all the things I knew!
Here I am after I just rung Donk E.  I love the hula hoop!  Once I got a hold of it...I learned how to toss it!  This is when I tossed it over Donk Es head.  Dead ringer!  I did it so fast that Dottie and Jane couldn't believe it!  Donk E wasn't as impressed!  He didn't even know what hit him!
Here I am right before I rung Dottie!  I like this game!  With a little practice...nothing will be safe!  Don't they call it "ring toss"?  I think we need a bigger hoop for the Donk, but this one is perfect for me!
Here's where I'm learning how to play basket ball.  I get this foam ball and put it into the hoop for a carrot! works for me!  After a few tries I got the hang of it!  I took the hoop down and tried to put the hoop on the ball, but I guess that's not the way you play.  It seemed easier!  Dottie said that would be golf.  And she's afraid to teach me that because of how wild I went with the paint brush.  She said putting a golf club in my mouth would be dangerous!
I had just dropped the ball in the hoop for the first time, but Dotties camera is too slow to catch the action!  I really like this game!  It's fun!  They can't believe I learned it so fast!  I'm just that amazing!
This is our friend Terry.  She came up from Lowell, Mass. just to visit us!  I love the way she's so gentle with the brush!  I love having my nose brushed, and she does a good job!  She had a horse a long time ago!  So she knows all the good spots!  All though she loves us all...I know I'm her favorite! 
Here's Terry feeding me crackers!  I've known Terry for years!  It's nice to have her visit, because she loves me best!  She gives the best back scratches.  And she always has a pocket full of goodies just for me! 

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