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November 21

I never should have shown Dottie that my foot hurts.  Now I have to go see "the vet"...
Is the vet gonna use all that stuff on me?  For a hurt foot?
Where's Dr. Teddy?  You're Dr. Sarah?  I'd say nice to meet you...but under the circumstances...

 You seem awful sweet to be a vet!

(muffled)  I don't want to open my mouth!  There's nothing wrong with my mouth! 
You're getting warmer!
That's the spot...Doc!
As Monty Python once said..."It's only a flesh wound!"  Oh?  It's an abscess?
Hey Alyssa....tell Dr. Sarah that's not where I hurt, will ya?

Oh!  This is not fun!  Ouch!  It hurts!  It hurts!  "Sorry"...does not make the hurt go away, Dr. Sarah!  Especially when you keep doing it!

I knew I should have hid in the bed room!

I suppose I should be happy...Dr. Sarah didn't use all those tools on me!
Can we go home, now?
What do you mean..."just a little bit more"?
Oh...No!  They're coming back!
You do have a gentle touch, Dr. Sarah!
I take it back!  Ouch!  Ouch!  Meouch!
You have to refill what?  You're flushing the abscess out with...iodine?
You have to make sure there's nothing left in there?  Trust got it all!
I'm so glad they're done!  That was not fun!  But I do have to does feel better already!
They're gonna send me home with some medicine to help me feel better!  Dr. Sarah said something about a shot to make it hurt less!  Having a shot...hurts more!!  Here she comes again!
Hey Zeekie Kitty!  Where ya been hiding?  You okay?
We just got back from the vets!  I got an abscess on my foot...just like Donk E!  I probably caught it from him!
I have to take this pink stuff twice a day!  Yeck!  And then Dr. Sarah gave Dottie something to give me for the pain! 
Dottie!  How's my son doing?  I was very concerned about his foot!  It grew three times bigger than it usually was!  I tried to have him tell you...but being the scaredy cat that he is...he kept hiding...and it kept getting bigger!  He'll be all right, now?  Thank you!
Hi Joe!  I'm feeling better!  Thank you!  You woke me up to tell me it's time for my meds?
Why do I still have to take my medicine?
Oh, no!  Here they come!  Maybe I should hide before they get me!
What ever's in the shot...worked!  I don't feel a thing!  A little sleepy, maybe!  But I don't hurt, at all!
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