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November 18

I'm gonna learn how to count, today!  I can count, already!  I count to three!  Today I'm learning what 4 is!
Dottie's been counting one...two...three...four!  I never heard "four", before...and it's a little confusing! audience counts with me as I knock down the pins.  One...two...three!  Then everybody counts the pellets I get for knocking the pins down!  One...two...three!  Then they clap for me!  One... two... three!  So I've gut that down!  One two three!
Now...when Dottie says one...and holds up one finger...I only knock one pin down...and I get one pellet!'s down!  Where's my pellet?
Now she counts one...two!  And holds up two fingers!  So I knock two down!  And get two pellets!
Then she holds up three fingers, and counts three pins....and tells me to knock down three!  So I do!  And I get three pellets for that!  Cool, hunh?
Here's where I get confused!  There's one pin left!  I can count this as, but Dottie counts it as one...two...three...four!  Instead of one pin...she calls it four!
I'm really confused...because I don't know what "four" is!  So Dottie counts one...two...three...four!  And then she gives me four pellets as she counts out the numbers!
So I knock down one pin...and I got four pellets!  Four!  One two three four!
She's counting the two three four!  I'm counting the two three four!  She holds up four fingers...and tells me to knock four pins down!
One two three...four!  One two three four!  I'm just waiting for her to give me the "ok" hand signal!
One two three...four! 
Then she claps four times...and then gives me four pellets!
Now she says "one", and touches one pin!  So I knock that down...and I get one pellet!
Now she says "two", and touches two she counts one...two!  And she's holding up two fingers! I knock down two pins...and get two pellets!
Now she counts three pins...and tells me to knock down three!  So I do!  And I got three pellets!
Now she's counting four pins!  One two three four!
Now here's where my Piggy brain works over time!  I figured...if I knock three pins down...I get three pellets!  And when I knock down four...  Then I would get four pellets for number four!  Not!
Dottie wouldn't play my game!  So I knocked down number four...and got only four pellets!  Note to self...three pellets for three...and four pellets for four!  I was hoping for three plus four pellets!  Dottie said no seven pellets!  What's "seven"?
I was still happy to get four pellets!  That's one more than three!

This is my hand signal for "stay"!  That way she can stand up the pins with out me knocking them down as she sets them up!

Her fingers would be pointing up for the number 4 signal!

This is the "OK" hand signal!  That means I was good, staying...and now I can knock them over to get my pellets!
This is our hand signal for number 1! 
I knock one pin down and get only one pellet!  I need some time to digest what I just learned!  I'm trying to think of ways to get more pellets per trick!  We've been at this for half an hour!  I need a break!  That was a lot to learn!
Let's play ball!  It's a no brainer!  Plus...I get a cranberry for this trick!  I'm sick of just pellets!  Well...not really...but...
Cranberries are good!  Here's the ball!  Where's my cranberry?
Can we play colors, now?
This is the color, green!  Dottie mixes them up all the time!  But I still know what colors they matter what order they're in!
And this is yel - low!  I think ba-nan-a!
This is blue!  When she ask "are you sure that's blue?" ...I have to give it a little nudge to prove that's the color she asked for!
Yes!  I'm sure this is red!  Big juicy apple red!
Pur...ple!  That's my favorite color!  Even though I never had purple food!  Although blueberry pancakes are kinda purple!  Mmmmm....blueberry pancakes...
Yes...that's orange!  Cheeze puff orange!  How do I know what a cheeze puff is?  The little boy we had visiting, had a whole bag full...and he shared!
Can we eat, now?  I never realized that doing colors can make me hungry!  How 'bout some blueberry pancakes with apple and banana?
Our first snow fall!  Yippee! 
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