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November 15

     Thisss isss just a warning to those humansss that are afraid of ssssnakes!  There'ssss a lot of them!  But you don't have to be afraid of me.  I'm a lover!  I've helped a lot of humanssss get over their fear of ssssnakes over the years!  I'm 29 yearssss old now!  I sssspent mosssst of my younger yearsss being loved by Dottiessss 4 - H kidssss! 

     Dottie tellssss people it'ssss kinda like lisssstening to gossssip!  You should get to know the perssson ( or in my case...the ssssnake!)...and then make your own conclusion!  Once they do that...they're hooked!  I do have a fan club!  Think for a minute...Can you imagine what'sss it'sss like not to have any handssss to eat with?  Or legssss to walk with?  Not easy!  Sssso...before you go "Yeck"  ... Please realize...that I'm jusssst like you...only different!  Love ya...Monty...Python!

Hi Evan!  It'ssss alwayssss an honor when visssitorssss ask to hold me firsssst...before they ssssay hi to all the other critterssss!
You can pat me, Ssssophie and Evanssss Mom!  I'm not a biter...I'm a hugger!  Ssssee?  I'm not cold and clammy at all!  I'm fine leather!
Hi Pat!  Thank you for bringing your family over to visssit!  It'sss always a pleasssssssure!  Come on...get brave!  You've touched me before!
Look at the camera, Evan...and ssssay... mouse!  I want to hang thissss photo in my room!  We'll have her make you a copy, too!  Now ...sssssmile!
Sophie...I give really good neck massages!  Dottie wears me around the house when she does house work!

Hey you guys!  Come on down!  Pats here!  And she brought her daughter and grandkids!

Hi Sophie!  Remember me?  I'm Maaaat!  Here's my paw!  Here's my other paw!  What did you bring us for treats?

Hi Evan!  Did you bring us treats?
Mmmmmm!  Apple!  I love apple!
Sophie!  I learned how to up pretty...go backward...and forward...and I can even turn in a circle, now!  See?  Where's my treat?
Tricks for treats?  I'll show you tricks!  I go through the hoop!
Where's my treat!
I'll go through the hoop for you, Sophie!  That's the first part of this trick!
Hey you guys!  Watch this!  Now... I hold the hoop...
...and Sophie goes through it!  Good Girl...Sophie!
Your turn Evan!  Think it's easy?  Me first!
Now!  It's your turn!  Come on!  Through the hoop!
Good Boy...Evan!  Well done!

Now... for the grand finale!  I hooped ya!  What do you think of that!  He Haw!  He  Haw!

No... don't get a treat for that...I do!

Thank you, Sophie!

Hi Evan!  I have to stay in this corral when we have guest!  I tend to hog the attention!  But it's only because I deserve it!  I know way more tricks than they do!  Watch this!  This is my "up pretty"!

Ask me if I've been a good boy...and I shake my head yes!  Ask me if I've been a bad boy, and I'll shake my head no!  I get a treat for that!

Now I'm spinning around in a circle while I keep my hoofs on the stump!  You have to follow me around and spin, too!  It's part of the dance Dottie and I do!
You're doing good, Evan!  Keep your head up! 
There we go!  Full circle!  I get a treat for that!  Then I give you my paw!  I get a treat for that, too! 
Hey?  Where ya going, Evan?  We didn't do the hankey or the key tricks, yet!
...And that's the orange one!  That's the last one to put on the color stick toy!  I get a cranberry once I pick all the colors in the correct order and you put them on the stick for me!  Want a cranberry, too?
Yellow, purple, orange!  Yes!  I'm that fast!
I open this box to get the hidden cranberry!  This is way too easy!  I can even open the dresser drawer over there...but I'm not allowed to!
After I get the cranberry...I close the cover!  You have to give me a pellet for closing the cover!
Can't we play bowling just three more times, before they have to go?
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