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November 13

I'm going to visit the boys, up at the barn!
I use the stairs now... instead of the ramp!
I got really good at using the stairs!
I didn't have a choice, really!  Whenever I wanted to go out... Dottie would open the gate and walk down the stairs!  I just followed her!
Now I just do it all by myself!  I remember what Mat taught me!
Put my two front feet on the step...and look down!
And the rest of me will follow!
...And it does!
Now I have to go down this little ramp!
I just have to do this one tiny step!  She could have made the ramp flush with the deck...but she didn't!
But that's ok!
All this made me a "Stair Master"!  He He Snort!

Aw...come on, Juliet!  Let's snuggle!

Dottie...please open the gate!


Juliet!  Where ya going?

To visit the girls, Romeo!

Right after I get my halter on...I get to have my breakfast!
While I'm eating...Dottie will walk around me and say "touch", as she reaches out to touch me!
She'll walk away...then walk back to me and say touch, again and again and again!  We've been working on this for weeks now!  I am making progress, though!  Mainly because if I move away...she'll pick up the dish and walk away with it!  So I learned to just stand there!
Hey Dottie!  Check out our new digs!  Cool, hunh?
I've been bringing down mouthfulls of hay to line the tunnel!
Look how deep it goes!  At the very our den!  We lined it with hay and bunny fur!  Nice and soft and warm!
All this dirt up here came from our tunnel!
As blue Bunny digs it out...I get to help by kicking it back...and out of the way!
I'm getting really good at it, too!

Hey Galahad...anything good in your pile?

Don't even think about it, Donk E!

What about you, Solly?  Anything good?
Donk would be best if you kept your face in your own spot!
You guys find anything good in the hay pile?
Hey, Dottie!  How about hiding some apple chunks in the hay pile!
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