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November 16

It's about time we got to go for a walk!  You've been busy all day!

How come Piggy's going first?  I'm the leader!  Do I really have to stay on this leash?

I'm gonna show you where all the acorns are hiding, Solly!  I can smell them a mile away!

Please let Solly off the leash so we can run!  Pretty Please?  With carrots and apple chunks on it?
If Solly came back when Dottie called to him to turn around....he wouldn't have to be on the leash!
I know...I know...I was bad...
I've been real good!  Can I take a forest run?  Please?  I'll come right back!  I promise not to cross the power lines!
I love to run!  I never had the chance when I lived with Jane!  We were all stuck in the corral!  I never knew I could run...'till I came here to live!  This is the best feeling!
Ahhh!  (Deep breath!)  The sweet smell of pine!
My head is so darn itchy!
I betchya my horns are growing back in!  Maybe she'll let me keep them, this time! 
Hey, Mat!  Where's Piggy?

There she is!  Hey Piggy!  Where ya going?

I'm gonna sniff out some acorn spots!  I'll be right back!
Even the pig gets to run free!  That's ok, though...I was bad.  I deserve the leash!
All you had to do, Solly...was turn around and come back when she called!  But had to go to the power lines!  Where the hunters are!
Ya, Solly!  And you wanted me to wear the fake antlers! 
I'm heading over to the pine patch!  Anyone want to join me?
I'll join ya, Galahad!  Hey Mat!  Wanna come?
Hey you guys!  Wait for me!  I wanna go, too!

Ah...Piggy?  Would you mind staying here with Solly so he doesn't feel all alone?  Him being on a leash and all!

Not at all Donk E!  You're so considerate!

I never knew pigs could be so sweet!  Then again...I never knew a pig... till I met Piggy!

Hi Solly!  Mind if I hang out with you?

Not at all, Piggy!  I'd appreciate the company!

Hey Piggy!  Know where there's any hot spots for acorns?

Yes I do, Solly!

I just found it!  Follow me!
Munch...munch...crunch!  Good spot, Piggy!
Hey, Piggy!
What's up, Mat?

Do you have an acorn spot for me, Piggy?

Yes I do, Mat!

Straight ahead, Mat!  It's a very good spot!

Munch, munch, crunch!  This is a great spot, Piggy!

See?  I told ya!  I know where they all are!

I hear Dottie calling!
Must be close to dinner time!
Time to head in, guys!
I bet we get carots for desert!  I saw her with a whole bag of them!
There goes the dinner bell!
Watch it, Solly!  I'm growing my horns back!  See?
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