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November 10

Oh!  Boy!  Dottie just came back from the feed store!

I wonder who the shavings are for?

I hope it's for us!  I love pine shavings!  They taste really good!

Please don't use all the shavings for the chickens and ducks!  Save some for us...please?
You're not really gonna give this hay to the chickens...are you?  This is good stuff!
Let's eat it before the chickens get it!  All they're gonna do is poo on it, anyway!
You gonna let me out for good behavior?
I can't help but be good in here!
I can't pick on anybody when I'm stuck in the corral...or the "bad boy pen" you call it!

I promise I won't go past the power lines while the hunters are out!  I promise not to be a bully!

I promise to be very very good...if you let me out!  Okay?

Back off you guys!  This pile's mine!

Mat...that's not fair!  You're being a hog!  Just like Solly!


Hey Donk E!  Be fair!  Solly's being good eating way over there!
We'll walk you up to the chicken coop! 

We can't go in the hen house because she's doing a hen house make over for the winter!

Let's go check out the poo pile 'till she gets done!

Fresh shavings!  And cedar shavings to repell the bugs looking for a warm home for the winter!  And fresh hay to nest in!  How good is that!
You've been in there a long time!  Are you done yet?  How 'bout some Donk E lovings?
Oh boy!  Back scratch!  Little to the left, please!
I love you so much!  You are the best human, ever!

Hey, Mat!  Why aren't you pushing over the poo barrel?

It's empty, Solly!  It's not fun unless it's full!

Can you take me for a you do Piggy?
Can I go for a ride too?  What do you mean...I'm too big?  Get a bigger cart!
Yep!  I'll be happy with a neck scratch!  Oh...ya!

Hey, Donk E!  I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!

You're on, Solly!

You're Jan?  Lindas son?  You came to meet us?  Brace yourself!  Here's one of my famous Donk E hugs! 

I usually get two chereios for that, Jan!

Dottie...Donk E's hogging all the lovings!

I just got out of the "pen"!  I'm in there...a lot!  But I'm trying to be good!  Really!

I just crave attention!  I might have a habbit of pushing every body away so I can have it all!  Is that really a bad thing? do the same with the food! 

While your Mom's keeping them busy...can I have another chereio?
See?  I can share!  You do have another piece of apple...don't ya?
Hey!  Before you's the keys!  I have a lot more tricks to show you!  Next time you visit...ok?
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