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November 7  Part 2

We do a part 2...because everytime Dottie has to down load one has to download all the photos on the page!  The more photos...the longer it takes!  So instead of 60...she does 30 a page!

Mat...I don't like acorns!

Did you ever try one, Galahad? 

Not really, Mat!  No.

Hey, Galahad...can you pull that branch down for me?

Sure, Buddy...which one?

See those round things, Galahad?  They're acorns!  They hide under the leaves!

Who would have thought to look under the leaves...when you always just ate the leaves?

You can always tell where Piggy was, because she pushes all the leaves away!

Oh!  Mat!  These are (crunch crunch) very good!  (crunch crunch munch!)

I told ya, Galahad!  We didn't even know about eating them 'till Piggy started pigging out!  She eats them like pop corn!

Now I can understand why!  These things are good!  Crunch crunch!
Ho...ho!  I found a good spot!
Hmmmm.....Donk E found a good spot...

Found a good spot...did you Donk E?

You're crowding me, Solly!

Not like there's a shortage of the things, Donk!

That's right, Solly!  We have the whole forest full!  Go find them!

You're right, Donk E!  Didn't mean to get right in your face!

Then walk on, Solly...and find your own spot!

I did promise to be good!  The forest floor is filled with them!  Why do I have to be such a glutton?
Acorns are like pistachios...can't eat just one!  As a matter of just can't stop eating them!
Hey!  Where you guys going?

I'm going over to the power lines!

I'm following Solly!

That's where all the acorns are!  The other side of the power lines!
Ohhhh!  You're gonna get in Troub...ble!  Dottie said if you cross the'll be stuck in your pen for a week!
You're right, Galahad!  I don't want to get into trouble!
There's plenty to eat over here...on this side of the power lines!
I just love these baby oak trees!  Just my size!  Small tree...big leaves!  Yum!
And these Beech tree leaves are so sweet!
Where did Solly go?  I hope he doesn't find a hunter!  Or a hunter doesn't find him!  With his white tail and all!
Solly!  You better get back here before something happens to you!
Galahad's really worried about me!  I better head back!'s no fun to get in trouble alone!
Hey you guys!  I think I just heard the dinner bell ring!
Yep!  That's the dinner bell, alright!

I hope we get apples for desert!

I'm hoping for some nice soft bread!

Why should we have to go in for dinner...when there's plenty to eat right here in the forest?

Last one a rotten egg!

I hosey the hay bin!

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