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November 7

Hi Kyle!  Great morning for a visit!  Oh!  You brought bread!
Nice and soft!  Whole wheat, too!  Don't mind if I do!
Ahh!  Croutons!  And they're seasoned, too!
And you brought us corn, too!  Very nice!
I'll give you a Donk E hug if you take a work break, Joe!
Hey Joe!  I'm right here...behind you!

I want attention, too, Joe!  Me Me Me!

Hey Mat...this is my quality time!

Yes!  I want to go out to graze!  No!  I do not want to wear my halter!

Come on, Solly!  Put your halter on so we can go!

No!  No halter!  No one else has to wear a halter!

That's not true, Solly!  I have to put my halter on every morning before I have breakfast!

Ya!  But you're an alpaca, Galahad!  You have to wear your halter!  You're in training!  I already know it all!

Here's his halter, Dottie!
You put it on him, so we can go!!  OK?

No!  I'm not wearing my halter, Donk E!  I'm a big boy!  And I'll behave...I promise!

Aargg!  Solly!  Please put your halter on!  We can't graze untill you do!

Why's Solly acting so stubborn, Donk E?

Because, Galahad... he's trying to show Dottie that he's gonna be good!

By acting like that?  That's not gonna work!

Here... Dottie!
Just put it on him!
The rest of us want to go for a walk! 
I'm not wearing my halter!  I promised I'd be good!  Trust me!
Here they come...there they go!
Come on you guys... it's gonna get dark soon!

Where ya going, Solly?

Over here... to Piggys favorite spot!

Crunch!  Munch!  Crunch! Crunch!

What are you guys eating, Solly!

Acorns, Galahad!  This is where Piggy pigs out!  These are good!  Try some!

You guys think this is a good spot?  Follow me...I'll show you Piggys favorite spot!  It's loaded with acorns!

It's right down there, Donk E!  Piggy says that all the acorns roll down the hills and gather at the bottom of the gully, there!

I don't eat acorns, you guys!  I'm gonna go over here and munch on some pine trees!

These leaves are at their peak! 
Mind if I get a bite of it, Solly?

Not at all, Donk E!

You're right, Solly!  These are really good!

That sunshine feels so good!
Come on, you guys!  Let's go down to Piggys spot...and get some acorns!
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