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November 5

It's a beautiful fall afternoon!
I don't know which is better, Galahad!  The green stuff or the fresh falling leaves!
The yellow leaves are definitely a treat!
This spot the best mud you can find!  Snort, snort!
Ahhhh!  Nice and cool!  Nice and muddy, too!
I have to make sure I rub the mud into all my chin wrinkles!
This feels sooooo good!  Snort, snort, squeal!
I'm so glad I'm a pig!

I can truly appreciate this grand old mud hole!  Snort, snort!

Hey Piggy!  I'm coming over!  What's up with the snorts and squeals?

I'm taking a mud bath, Donk E!

I can see that, Piggy!

whisper...whisper...whisper...Mud makes me beautiful, Donk E!  It's good for my skin!'re beautiful...even without the mud!

Piggy?  Why don't you just take a dust the rest of us do?

Donk E...the dust would just fall off me!  I don't have fur like you, to hold it in!

That's true, Piggy!  You don't have have...more!  Sparse prickly hair!

That's 'cuz I'm a pig, Donk E!  I have pig hair!  And you're a donkey!  You have thick, shaggy, donkey fur!  That's just the way we were made!  Zeekie told me that! 

He called me a "Forest Torpedo"! 

That describes you to a "T", Piggy!  Torpedo!

Give it a try, Donk E!  I'll even give you the best spot!   Here!

Na...I think I'll pass, Piggy!  Thank you, anyway!

Why won't you at least give it a try, Donk E?

Piggy...I think the mud would stick to my fur and make it all matted! 

To be honest with you...I don't think the mud would be able to get to my skin!  Where I really need it!

And the dirt from a dust bath would just slide off me!  The mud sticks to my skin!  And it feels really, really good!

Piggy?  Me being a donkey and all...what was I made for? dear Donk E...were made to give love!  Look at all those people you make smile, when you give them your famous Donk E hugs!  And the laughs and giggles from the kids, when you have them crawl through the hula hoop!  You are just a fur ball of love...on the hoof!  He He Snort!  Come on, Donk E!  I worked up an appetite!  Let's go find something really good to eat!  Do you really think I'm a fur ball of love?

Yep!  You are, Donk E!  On the hoof!

It's so nice and peaceful!
It's a little too peaceful!  Where's Solly?
Solly!  You get back here!
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