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Good morning!

I love getting my feathers ruffled!

Oh, under the wing...please!

Is it morning already?   I'm allergic to mornings!
When Dottie rings the dinner bell...we know it's time to eat!  We all go into our own area and wait to be served!
Baaart always gets served first...but I'm next in line!  She has to walk through my area to get to the it's easier for both of us to just feed me before Donk E and Galahad!  Now, when she puts my food in... she makes me step back and wait till she says "ok".  That's a hard thing for ME to do!  But I'm learning quick!
I get fed second!  Dottie locks the gate between Solly and me so that I can eat all my breakfast!  Otherwise he'd bully me out and eat it himself!
I get fed last...but it's okay!  I get the most food!  That's why Dottie locks the gate between Donk E and me! 
Most mornings...she pours my food down the tube and it goes into my tray.  Other times, she'll either feed me from her hand, or pat me while I eat out of a bowl.  I learned to like getting my back and neck scratched this way!  When it happens while I'm eating, i think of it as a good thing!  This morning I leaned into it and surprised Dottie!  She said we're making headway, and it made her very happy!  Me, too!

She puts our hay in the manger so that we can eat it together!   MMMMMMMMM this is good stuff!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh...that feels so good!
It makes me smile!  Did you know horses can smile?  Sometimes, I can't help but smile! 
I'd like to take a shower this morning.............please?
Ahhhhhhhh!  Nice cool water!   That feels so refreshing! this side!
Oh ya....the neck...get the neck!  Just don't get the water in my ears, ok?
Look out!  She has the hose!   Run!!!!!!
Hmmmm.....what's going on here?  This is the big water trough we use in the winter!
She's filling it up with water!  What happened to the short one we had?
Dottie let me have the other one for a wading pool!  That way I don't get our drinking water dirty when I put my feet in to cool off!
And what is this?  I wonder what would happen if I turned this little black thing!
Hi Momma!  What cha doing?  Wanna play?  Come on...lets play!

Doesn't seem fair, Galahad...that Solly should take over all the hay in the manger.

That's ok Donk E, there's more than enough for us here!  While he's eating there...we can take our time and enjoy the morning!

You guys take all the time you want!  I have enough food to hold me for awhile!


Come on you guys...lets play roll over!   Weeeee!

Donk E...I just want to lay here and chill out for awhile now that my tummy's full!

Oh come on Galahad....Don't you want to play?

Don't bother me Solly...I'm relaxing!

I'm not doing anything....

Aw...come on you guys...try some Donk E aerobics!   Kick those hoofs!  Stretch that back!

Come on...this is fun!  and it feels good!

I'm just gonna hang here with Galahad.

Don't you bother me Solly.

I'm just standing here...Galahad...minding my own business!

Oh Oh!  Solly's done it now.

I'm out of here ...before the alpaca spitballs come flying!

Dottie...he's touching me!

I didn't touch you!

You did too!

Why don't you go tell Dottie she wants you?

Aw...gee, Galahad!  Don't take it personal.  He pesters all of us...even Dottie!

Come on, Gal...let's go get some of that nice fresh hay for breakfast, ok?

Hey...Gal!  Glad you came down!  You know... Solly's not that bad ... when he's eating.  This hay is pretty good!  And I smelled apples on her I bet, after we eat...she'll have apple pieces for our desert!

I don't eat apples, Donk.  I like carrots.

Well, I bet she'll have carrots for you, Galahad!  I like the apples...they make my mouth foam!

I knew I smelled apples! 

Are you giving the bunnies apples?

Can I have some apples, too?


Love... love...!

I've been a good boy!

Dot...tie...wanna play?

I want attention...

If you don't pay attention to me...

I'm gonna tip over your wheelbarrel!

No...I don't want to go in the time out room...

Maybe I won't tip it over...

Maybe I'll just take your rake...

then you can try to catch me!

Oh Boy!  We're going to the corral!

I've got my halter on...

Here's Donk Es!


Hey...where's Galahad?


What kept you, Galahad?

Well...after you and Solly go in the corral,  I get to go in my stall to get my halter on...and we work together for a little bit.  It's our quality time!  But I'm here, let's eat!

Hi!  There's Dottie...sitting at the edge of the deck!
I think I'll just go get some of that quality time for myself!
Hi Dottie!  You giving lovings?

That feels good when you scratch my head! 

I'd like my ears scratched too, please!

I like this quality time stuff!

Love love love!

Oh, no!  Solly heard me!

Here he comes...

Trouble...with a capital T!


Lovings going on?

I want lovings!

I've been a good boy!

Solly, back away...

I had her first!

This is my quality time!

I'm her best Donk E!

Well...I'm her best horsie!

Am not

Am too!

Am not

Am too!

Maybe if I close my eyes..those two will just go away!

They constantly bicker!


Will you two just chill?

Well he started it...

No sir...he did

You did did!

You're touching me...

Am not...

Am too

Am not...

Am too!

Did I hear lovings are happening?

I've been a good bunny!

I only dug 4 holes today!

Can you scratch my ears too, please!


Corn husks!

One of my favorate things to eat!

I like the silkie's like spaghetti!

It's such a nice day, today!

I think I'll just lay here in the sun...

and hold the driveway down!

This is my secret hiding spot! 

I like to hang out under the deck!

It's nice and cool...and you get a real good breeze up here!

And this sweet stuff is called corn on the cob!

Mom, is this like our cracked corn that we get for our food?

This is fresh on the cob, our cracked corn is hard and dry.




We really like corn on the cob!

It's soft and sweet and sticks to our beaks!

Baaart and I get to share a bowl of sweet stuff, too!

He always shares his food with me!

We're best buddies!


It's too hot for me out there, today!

Think I'll just take a "cat nap" in my favorite spot! is too good... when your a cat!

Here comes Dottie with my food bowl!


 The sweet stuff!

Oh...this is nice!

What a treat!

Can I have some more?

Thank you!

Oh...Solly's coming!  He must of heard me eating.

Treat?  Did someone say treat?
Is there grain in that bowl?

I want some.



He just had to ruin the moment, didn't he!

All of us baby bunnies are growing up very quickly!

Dottie feels she can't give us all, all the attention we she's gonna share some of us with other humans who will be able to love and care for us!

It's not that she doesn't love them as much as the others... it's just that we are many!

I guess she wasn't kidding!

We have visitors!

Diane brought her grandsons, Fritz and Joey, over to spoil us!

Of course I get fed first!

Hey...come on in...

It's our turn to be spoiled!

Hey, Joey...

I walked through the're suppose to give me the carrot!

Stop looking at the bunnies...give me my treat!

I love having visitors!

Welcome to bunny land!

I love carrots!  How'd you know?

I'm the Momma bunny! 

Thank you for the goodies!

If you move can pat me on the forehead!

And if you stay... real... still...
my babies will come out ...and  you'll be able to pat them ...and feed them carrots!

Yeah!  While the boys are being brushed by the younglings...

 I have Diane all to myself!



These guys are pretty good at the brushing!


You're pretty good at that!

Hey...wanna play bowling?


Come on, Joey...

You have to share the ball, or we can't play!

See...first you roll the this....

you try to knock the white things down...I think they're called "pins".

When you do that...Dottie gets all happy, tells you you're a good boy...and then she gives you a carrot!

Yes!  I got a strike!

Ok, Fritz...come have to set them up again!

Then it's your turn!

Yes, I want to play!

But you need to share the ball!


Tell you what, Joey...

This time YOU can go first!

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