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November 1

Hey!  Go back a page (Oct 31) and check out the Monster Mash from JibJab!  Dottie just learned how to put it on our site!  It's a hoot!  Enjoy!
Happy November...everyone!  Dottie heard her first Christmas music on the radio, today!  She wanted to start decorating for Christmas before it flew by just like Thanksgiving did!  Hey!  Wait a minute!  Thanksgiving didn't even happen yet!  Whew!  Time is flying!
Hi Piggy!  I'm coming over...okay?  I'm letting you know so that I don't scare you!
Donk E...that was very kind and considerate!  And very noble, too!

That's worth a Piggy kiss!  Come here!

Aw...shucks, Piggy!

Hey Dottie!  You've been in there sitting with the pheasants for an hour!  Come on out and play with us!

Ya!  We wanna go for a walk!


What do you mean...we can't go for a woodswalk because there's hunters out there?  I'm not afraid of hunters!
Well...can we at least go grazing in the front field?  Please?
Why does Solly have to stay in the corral?

Because I took you all for a woods run the other day!  And it's hunting season...again!

And...I didn't turn around and come when Dottie called.  Right Dottie?  See?  I know what I did wrong!  Can I be good again?

I appreciate you guys offering to stay in the corral with me....but I don't want to play with you, Mat!  You're starting to head but again!

Well, that's not right, Solly!  Mat only butts you when you're picking on him!

Ya, Solly!  And you pick on me... alot!

You didn't have to hurt his feelings!  He just wanted to play with you!

I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, Donk E.  Let Mat get that  butt thing out of his system...then he can play with me...that's all.

Hey you guys... I think my horns are growing back again!

You're kidding me, right, Mat?  Didn't they just dehorn you...again?

Push harder, Buddy!  Maybe you can push them back inside!

Never mind!  I didn't want to play with you, anyway, Solly!

What's the matter with Mat, Piggy?  He seems so sad and rejected.

That's 'cuz he was rejected, Galahad!  Solly told Mat he doesn't want to play with him...cuz he butts!

Don't let Solly make you feel bad, Mat!  You're a goat!  Goats butt!  It's how you were made!  Zeekie told me all about how we're built different...and why!  It's a good thing!  Come on ... I'll play with you!  Let's go grazing!

You're right, Piggy!  I am a goat!  That's probably why God keeps giving me horns!  So I can keep Solly in line!

Thanks, Piggy!  For making me feel better!

Don't mention it, Mat!  You're the best goat...ever!

I can't believe you said that to him, Solly! 

Why, Donk?  Because he hurts when he butts?  And I don't want to play with someone if they hurt me?

Aaarg!  I can't believe you just said that, Solly!  You play rough all the time!

And who wants to play with me...when I play rough...Donk E?

Look who's calling the kettle black, Solly!

I learned that from you, Donk E!

You're giving me a foot ache, Solly!
I don't want to play with you anymore, Solly!  Dottie...can I go out now?
You're a whinner, Donk E!  And so is Mat!
Why doesn't anyone want to play with me?
Aw...come on....let me out to graze!  I won't go on the trails!  I promise!
I can get out if I really wanted to!
All I have ta do is put my head in here and bounce it around till it opens!  Like this!
You didn't have to nail them closed...ya know!
"Autum by the Outhouse!"
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