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November 3

We'll have you out of there in no time!

Ooops!  Hi Dottie!

What does it look like we're doing?  We're trying to dig the girls free!  We're almost there, too!  "Till you so rudely interrupted!
Keep digging, Bunnie!  Just a little more!
I'm digging!  I'm digging!  I just hope I don't break a nail!
There's wire all the way over here!
This whole place is wired!  Oh...Romeo...we'll never to run free!
Aaaaahhh...  Hi Dottie!  We figured ... if you wouldn't let us out...we'd let ourselves out!
Hi Dottie!  Welcome back!
Bunnie made me do it!
Why'd ya have to fill it in?  It took us all weekend to dig!  Now I have to start all over!
I had nothing to do with it!  I was a good girl!  I sat here and stayed quiet...just like they told me!

You didn't have to rat on me, Blue Bunny! use both of us getting in trouble, Bunny!!  You out there?
I'm right here, Blue Bunny!  What's up?
Why didn't you tell us Dottie was coming?
I didn't hear her because I was too busy digging!
Well..we got into trouble!  Now she went and filled in the hole! 
Hey!  Don't blame me!  I got into trouble, too!  And so did Juliet!
Great!  Now we're never gonna get out of here!
Hey Romeo!  I have an idea!
How come every time you have an idea...I'm the one who gets in trouble, Bunnie?
I'm just saying...if you come back when Dottie heads in for the night...we can pull an all nighter!  I could be free by dawn!
I don't know, Bunny!  If you girls get out...she'll put me in the cage!
Have a good night, Dottie!  Who me?  I'll be good!
Dig...dig...dig...dig...dig!  Hurry up and finish eating, Blue!  You get the next shift!
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