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October 31

Happy Halloween, everyone!  We didn't get to go trick or treating...because Dottie and Joe got tickets to the Red Green show, when they made a donation to the PBS station!  But Mike and Diane gave us plenty of treats!  We didn't even have to do any tricks for them!
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They drove through this quaint little town called Hallowell, in Maine!

The whole town was decorated for halloween!

Talk about having "spirit"!
The center of town was adorned with scarecrows!  Dottie loves scarecrows!
They just had to stop to do a walk about!
Talk about having the halloween spirit!  Can you see what's on top of the roof, there?
Gargoyle sentries!
What a great day for a ride!  The colors were beautiful!
Check out the roots to this tree!
Snow up in the mountains!
And then Dottie saw this place!  And just had to share it!
In a few more years...Dottie will be able to fish there!
Hope you enjoyed sharing some of our road trip!  Now it's back to the farm! 
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