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October 30

My eggs are finally hatching!  It felt like it took forever!
This is the batch that I hatched for Linda! 
Linda came to meet us as soon as we came out of our shell! 
She was so excited to get to hold us for the first time!

I'm only one hour old!

We are a handfull!
We can't go home with you yet!  We have to wait 'till we're three days old!
We're a whole day old today!
We're two days old today!
Well!  Today we are three days old!
Today's the day we go home with Linda!  We're gonna be house chickens!
We're ready to go to our new home!
With our new Mom!
Hey!  Where did Mom go?
The man who took Dad, is taking Mom so that they can be together again!

Who's gonna take care of us?

Annie will!  She's been taking care of us all along!

Okay, kids!  Gather up!
Last one to the poo pile is a rotten egg!
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