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October 29

Hey!  The boys are out, grazing!  Hey you guys!  Wait for me!
Here comes Piggy!  It's amazing how fast she can run with those short little legs!

Galahad, I'm gonna go say hi to Piggy!  She'll feel sorry for me!

Donk E... you're holding up the wrong foot!  Wasn't it the other foot that had the absess?

Oh...Ya!  You're right!

Hi Donk E!  How's the foot feeling?

It's still sore, Piggy!

Donk were running around with Solly! is feeling better...but don't tell Dottie!  I like the foot rubs! foot still hurts ...only not as much!

Well... Donk E...I'm glad it's feeling better!

Solly said you were just faking it get attention!

Well... maybe just a little, Piggy!  But it does still hurt! 

It does still hurt, Dottie!  Can we go soak it again?

What's the matter, Donk E?  No more pitty party?

Solly...I hope you never get a sore foot! 

This is my favorite color leaf!

Hi Mat!  Anything good over here?

I'm gonna go see Dottie!  I think she has treats on her!

Did you say Dottie has treats on her?
My foot hurts!  A treat would make it feel better!
You do have treats!
My foot hurts, too!  Where's my treat?
Dottie's giving out treats for hurt feet!
My foot doesn't really hurt...but could I have a treat, anyway?
It's not my feet that hurt!  Can I have two treats?  One for each end?
I don't hurt at all!  Can I still get a treat?
Yummy...yummy!  Apple!
How 'bout some lovings?
Dottie...I don't hurt...but I feel itchy!
Can you check me to see if I picked up any ticks?
Yep!  I can lay down for ya!  Here ya go!
They like to hide where I can't get to them to scratch them off!
Doctor Emilie did do a great job on my pedicure, didn't she!
Nothing under there...that's good!
There's another one?  Can you get it off me?
Thank you, Dottie!  I feel better, already!
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