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October 27

Hey Mom!  Where did all the water go?

Dottie let the old water out, so she can clean our pool, and put fresh water back in!

Wow!  All the leaves are gone now, too!
Oh!  I see how that works, now!  She puts the board at the end to hold in the water!  Cool!
And this is the hose!  That's where the water comes out of!
It's not very deep!  My feet touch the bottom!
It's getting deeper! 
I'm on my tippy toes, now!

Wow!  I didn't know I could do that! 

That was really fun!
I wonder how long I can hold my breath?
Hey!  Look!  I can even see my feet!  And they're not even touching the bottom!
Splash...splash...splash!  I'm a ducky in the bath!
It's like flying under water!  And I don't even have to flap my wings!
Just when you feel like you're hit a wall!  Not fun!
Hey Dottie!  You've been in there a long time!  How bout giving Donk E here, some lovings!
Can I have their old hay?  You're just gonna toss it anyway!
Put the camera away so I can have all your attention!
It would be nicer if you used two hands...but one is better than none...I guess!
Oh!  Right between the ears!  Ya!  Good spot!
Here comes the neck massage!  Oh!  Ya!
And now for the grand finale!  The back scratch!  Happy Donk E!
I'm digging a tunnel under the feed barn!  It's my escape route in case the fox comes by!
Making it just big enough for us to run in!  If the fox does try to follow us...Romeo and I will be able to run out the other side!
Perfect!  Happy Bunny!
I just dug up an appetite! 
May I have some bread, please?
That's exausting!  I wonder how Bunnie does it all day long?
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