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October 25

Hey Piggy!  Whatchya doing?  Wanna come out to play?
Hi Mat!  I'd love to play...but I'm learning how to climb stairs, today!
When I get to do home visits...There's always stairs!  Dottie usually has to carry me up them.  And as soon as my feet are off the ground...I squeal like a pig!  That scares me...and the people I come to visit! have to learn how to climb stairs!
Do you really expect me to try this for a measly 2 cranberries?  I don't think so!
That's more like it!  But I'm still scared to go head first down the steps!  I like my ramps!  You can coax me all you want!  It's not gonna happen!
Yes I want those cranberries!  Why don't you give me a couple for even thinking about doing it!
Hey, Mat!  Don't rush me!  This is a lot harder than it looks!
Why can't we just bring ramps with us, when we go to visit?  I like climbing ramps!
Aw...come on, Piggy!  Stairs are easy!  You can get to the food faster!
I can teach Piggy how to climb stairs, Dottie!  I taught her how to go up and down the ramps, didn't I?

All you have to do is put your front feet on the this, Piggy!

That's easy for you to do, Mat!  Your legs are twice as long as mine!

It's so easy, Piggy!  Once you get your front feet on the step, then you bring your back legs down!  And there ya go!  You did a step!

Oh...I don't know...Mat!  I don't think I can fit on the step!  My body doesn't squish like yours!

Piggy...then just look down...and the rest of you will follow!

That's what I'm afraid of, Mat!

Piggy has a point, there, Dottie!  This is gonna take awhile!  Can I have a cranberry for trying?
Yes...I love to go visiting!  Yes...everybody has stairs!  No!  It's just way to scarey for me!  Maybe if I had longer legs and a body that can squish together...but I don't!  This could take all day, you know!  Can I have lunch first?
Oh!  Banana!  My most favorite food in the whole world!  I want that piece of banana!  I can do it!  Yeah!  Munch munch munch!
Just a little bit more!
Gotchya!  Hmmmm....There's the rest of it...way up there!
I can do this!  I'm gonna do this!
I did it!
That was really tough!  But I did it!

Ta - Da! 

 I did it!  I climbed my first set of stairs!

Oh?  Now I have to climb down them?
Let me see...two front feet on the step...and look down at the next one!

And the rest of me will follow!


I did it!  That was easy!  I can't believe I was afraid of stairs!  Not any more!!  Different kind of step!  Let me see...
Two front feet on the step...and look down!  The rest of me will follow!
I did it, Dottie!  Yes!  I am a good girl!  Now can I go play with Mat?
That took us hours to learn!  But Dottie is very patient!  It's a trust thing!  We're both happy that I can do stairs, now!
For every rose...there's a thorn!  Now she has to close and lock the gate if she just wants me to stay on the porch!  I'll have that lock figured out in no time!

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