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October 23

Hi Donk E!  How's the foot doing?

Still hurts, Piggy!  See?

I can barely stand stand on it! 
Dr. Teddy said we have to soak it 5 times a day! 
Here comes Dottie with the foot soak bucket!
I hope she brought apple chunks!
At first the water's kinda hot...but I get use to it pretty quickly!
I get a foot massage, too...while it's soaking!  That feels really good!
I have two more minutes to go!  Dum de dum!
Thanks, Dottie!  Ya know...I think my other foot is starting to hurt!  Can we soak that one too?
Dottie brought her tool wagon!  She just took all the inside walls, give us more room!  Now that Mat and I are recouperating... She had to rebuild them again!  Solly has to stay in his own least 'till we feel better!
I won't chase them....much!  I'll be good!  I promise! you have any pencils in your tool pouch?

I was gonna leave you one!  Honest!
This is Solly's new room.  Dottie put in our winter water trough already!  She's getting a heads up on it before the winter comes!  All she'll have to do is put the heater in the water...and plug it in when the weather gets cold enough!
This is Mats area!  He's the only one who can fit through the opening!
She even put a blanket in there so he can rest comfortably!
I'd rather rest in here! I'm closer to the food!
Hey, Dottie!  You forgot your coffee!
Here!  I'll get it for you!
Here ya go!  Ooops!  Wait a minute!
There's still some in there!
Here ya go!  Don't mention it!
Hey!  Can you make the next one a double mocha latte'?
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