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October 21

Dottie?  Can I go out to see the boys?  Dr. Emilie said I need to walk around as soon as I can.  And I can, now!
It's a beautiful day...and I don't wanna spend it being cooped up in the house!  And I miss the boys! 
Why do I have to have a halter on?  Why do you have to lead me... like I was a pony?
Why do I have to go in the corral?  Why can't Donk E be with me?  He's not really hurt that bad!  He plays the hurt foot thing only when you come around!  I'd limp too, if you'd rub my foot in warm water for all that time!
Hey!  Mat! 

Hi Solly!  They took my horns off!

You didn't need them, anyway!  It was like getting whacked with a hammer!  Hey...heard you got re neutered, too.  I feel for ya, buddy!
Ya...they took them, too!  See!  They're gone!  Last time for me!
Hey!  You're  finally out of the house, Mat!
I'd come up to say hi...but I hurt my foot!  Dr. Teddy told me I have an absess! 

Then I'll come down to see you, Donk E!  

They took those stubby horns off me!  See?  They're gone!

Those aren't the only things you gut missing, buddy!

Ya..I know, Donk E!  They took them...too!

I missed you, Buddy!  I'm glad you're ok!

I missed you, too...Donk E!  I'm glad you're ok...too!

Well...I'm not really ok, Mat...I still have a hurt foot!

And I still hurt...on both ends, Donk E!

Hey Mat!  You're out! 

How you feeling?

Here we go again!

Hey Donk E...Solly said you were faking it because you want to be a house Donk E!

I am not faking it!  My foot really does hurt!

Solly told me I need to tough it out!  Easy for him to say!

How come we can't be in there with Mom?

She told us to go outside and play for awhile!

But I don't want to play!  I want to snuggle!

I need a little peace and quiet!  I feel some movement under me!  It's tough trying to get comfortable...when your legs fall asleep! 
And you're sitting on a nest of eggs.... for the third time! 
Now that it's not so crowded...I feel comfortable asking for lovings!  I like my neck scratched!  That feels so good!

Dottie...I don't wanna hop up there, yet.  Can you lift me?

Oh!  You'll get more hay and put it here for me?  I love you!

I wonder where Romeo is...I haven't seen him in a couple of days!
I think I'm ready to go back inside, Dottie.  I'm getting tired...and I think I need a nap!  Can Piggy come in with me?  She's over there looking for chicken food!
Can I come in with Mat and Piggy?  My foot still hurts!  See?
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