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October 20

Mom!  Tell him to get out of the bowl!  It's my turn, now!

I'm after you!

I want a turn, too!

I'm after her!

No...I am!

Come on kids!  Let's head back to the duck pen! 

Dottie can't keep all of us for the who would like to go to the chicken swap, and find a new home?

I wanna go to a new home!  With a big pond!  Like the others did!

I want to go with him...he's my buddy!

I'd like a new home of my own...but I don't want to be alone!

I'll go with you!  It will be fun!

Not me, Mom...I wanna stay with you!

Me too!  I really like it here!  And with only us three...there will be lots of room!


Remember what I taught you....
Is Dottie taking us, too?
Not me...I hope!  I wanna stay here!

Let me see!  Do we have everybody?

You're gonna let me keep one?  Right?

I want a little girl who will snuggle with me!

Will they love us as much as Dottie?

Will they feed us apples?

How 'bout bread?

I want my own den!

I'm Shadow!  I'm the one who got to stay!

Come on, Blue Bunny...give me a hand!

Oh...Bunnie...I don't think Dottie's gonna like that!

That's the problem with baby bunnies!  They grow up so fast!  Then it's off to find new homes...and people who will love them!

So!  Time to start another batch!  Oh...Roooomeoooo!

Come on, honey!  Time to pack up!  Dottie's gonna find you a flock of your own!

Me?  I don't want to go!  I want to stay with you, Mom!

You're a rooster, son.  Dottie has to find new homes for all the roosters. 

Did you just say...all the roosters???

You can't get rid of us!  You love us!  We're handsome!

Ya!  Who's gonna take care of all you chicks?  You need a rooster!

No we don't, you silly!  We'll still be able to lay eggs...they just won't turn into baby chicks!  And Dottie doesn't want any more chicks!  She is chicked out!

Who's gonna crow at 4 in the morning for you?
And who's gonna crow at 4:30 when you don't wake up at 4!

See ya later, Piggy!

Where you off to, Rooster?

I'm off to find a new flock that needs my services!  Going to the chicken swap!  Gonna find some nice new people!

Good luck, Rooster!  I'm sure you'll find them there!  That's where I found Dottie!

Oh!  Thank you, Dottie!  You couldn't imagine what it was like having a rooster wake you up out of a sound sleep!  And all those birds were always right under my feet!  I know you loved them....and I know you liked to play with them!  It's our turn now!  And I'll even let you pat me! Okay?

Come on...or I'm telling Mom!  Get out of the bowl!  It's my turn!

I'm not done yet!

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