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Well!  Good morning to you!  Galahad and I are enjoying our breakfast...while Solly got placed in the bad boy pen for trying to push us off our hay!  You can tell his drops have worn off.  Phyllis better come back from her vacation , and make Solly another bottle!
Here I am, in the bad boy pen...all because I bullied Donk and Galahad.  I have to eat breakfast all by myself.  I should be glad because I don't have to share, but it's just not the same!  I just want to be the boss.  Why can't they just accept the fact, that it's my personality to be bossy?
Gee, Solly...I'm really sorry you got in trouble again.  You didn't have to hog the food, we have more than enough, and Galahad and I have no problem sharing our breakfast!  Maybe if you'll behave, she'll let you back out!
Oh well....I tried!  I don't know why he has to be like that.  No one wants to be with a bully!
Ah!  Room service!  Let me see....yep...there's mine...and there's Sollys!  We eat hay, and make fertilizer for the garden!
I promised to be good, so she let me out to join the others!  Hmmm...yep....that's mine!

It's no fun being alone.  I'm learning how to be a good boy.  Believe's not easy!

Come on, Dottie, let's play some.  You can clean later.  I won't give up the rake till you play with me.
I'll go get the wait right here!
Here ya go!  Now you try to get them from me!
You think this is easy?  You try scratching your back with your teeth!
If I give you the keys...will you throw them again?

Hey Blonde Chick...wanna play?

Na...not today, Donk E!  I don't do fetch!

Can you believe that Donk E?  Asking a chicken to play fetch...What is he thinking?
I sure worked up an appetite!!   MMMMM.... this is good hay!
I'm being good!  I havn't moved from this pile! 
Now that all the tummys are full, it's time for a nap!  This is when these guys are at their best behavior!

Our feathers are starting to grow in!  Soon we'll be able to fly!

Then we won't have to worry about the lurking cats!

Mom says the cats won't bother us!

Oh oh!  Here she comes!

You don't have to worry about me, little chickies...

I'm only here for the lovings!

Purrrrrrrrrr!  That's how I got my name!


This is how Dottie spreads out the chicken food! 
She puts it on that side of the fence so I can't eat it!

Hi Dad!  How come you're still on that side of the fence! 

Why don't you come in through the door, like Dottie does?

Hey, Blonde Chick...

You're smart...  How would I get in through the door?

Hop up here....then hop through the door, once she opens it!

Of course you have to do it when Dotties not looking!

Okay!  Cool!

Thanks Blonde Chick!

You are the smartest! the door!

I know what this means!


Hurry up!

I go first!

Here we go!
Hey!  At least I got one down!

Where are all you chickens going in such a rush?

Donk E is trying to teach Galahad how to go through the hoop!

Aw...come on , Galahad...

You can do it!

Just walk through the hoop!

Come on...I'll hold it for you!

Come on...I'll show you how!

It's fun!

See?  You put your two feet in it...then try to get it over your head!

It's easier if someone else holds the hoop, though!

This is our buddy, Steve!  He has more whiskers on his chin than I do!

Hey, Dottie...

It's such a beautiful day...

can we go for a walk?

Oh boy!

Here she comes with our leashes!

Can we go to the place with the baby pine trees?

Out of my way Galahad...

I lead the walk!

This is a good patch of sweet grass!

Come on you guys...

Let's go this way!

I see a nice fern patch!

I love fern!

Sometimes...the deer flies bite me under the tummy, where I have hardly any fur.

I roll in the bushes to get them off!

It works for me!

Good find!  Good find!

This is a treat!

Moss on a stump!


What's so great about moss?


If we have to explain it to you...then you can't understand!

This stuff is good, Galahad!

And it's soft and tickly on the nose!

Shhhhhhhh!  I'm hiding on the Donk! 

 When he comes around this side....I'll get him!

Ha ha ha!

That wasn't funny, scared me!

Got ya...didn't I!

Hey.....the bugs are starting to get to me.

Ya!  Me too!

Come on, Galahad... we're heading in!

The bugs are bugging us!

But I don't want to go in yet!

You'll take me for a walk?  Cool!


I'll go in my stall, so we can put my leash on!

When Dottie tells me...touch...

I know she's gonna scratch my cheeks and neck!  I like this, now!  It doesn't scare me anymore!


And when she says "head"...

I put my head on her knee to hook the leash on!

All done...let's go!

What do you mean...go in the corral?

Come on...Galahad!

Let's play!

I don't want to play...I want to go for a walk!

Just me and you!


Let the younglings burn off their energy!

I'll meet you at the fence!

Aw!  Come on, Galahad...

This is fun!

Roll around with us!

I'm getting....verrrrrrry...sleeeeeeepy!

Hey....where are you two going?

 Come back here!

We want to go, too!

We're just going for a walk about!

We'll be right back!

This is nice!  I miss our "quality time"!

It's such a nice day....

Let's go this way!

Donk E is braying....they want to come too!

Do you think we could get me a llama for company?  I miss neck kind of playing, that I'm really good at!

You'll think about it?

I promise I won't say a word!

My lips are sealed!

Hey, they're back!

I'd like to go for a walk, too!

Can it be my turn now?


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