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October 18

Hey Diane!  You have a cup of pig pellets!  I heard you shake it!  Where is it?  Oh!  There it is!
It's nice you came to visit!  I'm still not feeling too good.  It's kinda hard to get comfortable.
Hey Piggy!  What's up with Mat?
He got neutered, Zeek Kitty!  And he had his stubby horns removed!
Wasn't he already neutered?  And dehorned?
Yes he was!  Twice, poor thing!  Everything started growing back again! 
This time...I had the surgery!  Dr. Emilie said I'm neutered for good, now!

Were you neutered, Zeek?

You're getting kinda personal, Piggy!

You guys don't mind if I turn in you?

Dr. Teddy came by to see what was up with Donk Es' foot!  He has an absess!  Thank God that's all it is!  Dottie was so worried!  An absess is like having a splinter get infected and then the splinter works it's way out!  Only instead of a's a small piece of gravel that got stuck in his hoof.  Dr. Teddy told Dottie to soak his foot five times a day  in warm water and Epsom Salt.  Then she has to rub the Biozide Gel on the sore spot...which is right over his hoof!  That stuff is a "drawing agent"...ment to draw out the infection, so it has a chance to heal!  Between Mat and Donk E...Dottie's been kept very busy!

This feels good, Dottie.  I like the warm water!  How long do I have to stand here like this?  10 minutes?  Can I have an ear rub while I'm waiting?

This is the glop she has to put on my hoof to help draw out the infection!
That's the spot, Dottie!  Right on top of where my hoof meets my leg!  It's sore...right there!
How about a little "Pitty Party" for me?
I'm dying, here! 
They do what with Donkeys and horses with hurt hoofs? 
Can I come in the house, now...and recuperate with Mat and Piggy?

If you would like to help us out a little...Dottie's having a sale on her jewelry to help pay for our vet bills.  With the holidays coming can get a great bargain!  And we can pay the vets!  Click on Jewelry Sale! 

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