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October 17

Mat and Piggy visit Dr. Emilie

Wow, Diane!  Look how pretty they are!  Wasn't it nice of them to grow snacks for us when we come to visit!  Oh!  I want that one!!  Where here at Dr. Emilies!  Did you bring my trick or treat bag?
Is Dr. Emilie here?  We're gonna trick or treat her!
I so love being a goat!
You're kidding me...right?  The crimp neuter didn't do it all?  I have to be re neutered...again?  Naaaaa....  Oh?  I'll be slepping this time and won't feel a thing?  Are you sure, Dr. Emilie?  You don't look so sure!
Hi Dr. Emilie!  Trick or treat!  I'm the pink fairy and this is my pumpkin coach!
I'll go first so Mat won't be so scared, okay?  You stopped at a farm to get apples just for us?  You are a sweetie, Dr. Emilie!
Dr. Emilie?  Can you do something about that chip in my nail?  And can we use some of that pink polish this time?  It goes with my costume!

Thank you, Dr. Emilie!  I love coming to the spa!   You do a great job!

Ok...Mat!  Your turn!

Aaaa...Diane?  I'm getting scared!  I think I need to go outside!

Oooops...never mind! 

You're gonna hold me till I fall asleep in your arms?  All I have to do is breath through the cup and I'll fall asleep?  You sure I won't feel anything?

I'm all done?  I didn't feel a thing!  You took my horns off, too? 

Where's Dottie?  They're fixing Annies beak?  Did they neuter Romeo, yet? 

Whoa!  I don't feel very good!  I can't even move.  Must be the shot Dr. Emilie gave me after the surgery.  So I don't hurt.  She should have given me two!

I know how to make you feel better, Mat!  Tongue bath!  That always works!

Sounds good, Piggy!

Here, Mat...let me get this side, now!

Ok, Piggy!  Doing a good job!


Piggy...I still feel wierd!

I'm right here, Mat!  Just relax, and it will pass! 

Hey Dottie!  Mat's up!  I'll take him outside so he can "go"...okay?

We better hurry, Piggy!  I really need to go!

I'm coming, Mat!

He's too sore to walk down the ramp to the poo area, Dottie!
Good boy, Mat! 

Mat  and I get to have another sleep over, while he recuperates!

I'm so glad, Piggy.  I'm nice and comfortable...right here!

Dottie?  My foot hurts...and I can't walk on it!  I think we need to call Dr. Teddy!
I feel so bad for Mat!  All I can do to be here for him!  I hope he feels better, soon!
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