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October 16

Dr. Emilie visits Piggy and Mat

Hi!  Welcome to our farm!  Hey!  I know you!  You're Toni!  You were at Dr. Emilies when I got spayed!

Dr. Emilie!  I'm so glad you came to visit!  Where were you hiding? 

Oh?  You just checked Mat and Annie? 

Mat needs to be re - neutered?  And re - dehorned?  That's not good!

You think you can fix Annies beak?   That's good news!  Mat won't be happy, though!

My nails grew long since the last time I saw you!  I have an appointment with you, tomorrow, for a pedicure!  I'll bring Mat and Alice with me...and you can fix them up!  Can you see what you can do with Romeo?  He really needs to get neutered!  Cool!  Ok...Rub the belly!

Dottie got them into the studio and wouldn't let them leave untill they learned how to do stained glass sun catchers!  Toni's cutting her glass with a glass cutter!

Dr. Emilie is still choosing her colors!  Dottie always says "That's the hardest part of working with stained glass"!   There's so many colors, textures and patterns to choose from! 
Toni's already at the grinder!  The grinder finishes shaping the piece.  It also roughs up the edge of the glass.  That way... the copper foil tape can stick to the glass better!  (That's the next step!)

Then Linda showed up with a bag full of bread for the critters!  She got put to work on the bluebird she started last week!  She's wrapping her glass along the edges with sticky copper foil!

Dr. Emilie is busy grinding her pieces!  The pattern she picked had lots of little pieces!  Little pieces are harder to do!  (Dottie didn't tell her that, though!)

And then Diane walks through the door!  It's a party!   Dottie got her working with the glass, too!

Dr Emilie is busy foiling all those little pieces!   When she's done wrapping a piece...she pins it to a board with tacks!  That holds it in place for the next step...the soldiering!

Once everybody got busy got really really quiet!  Well...except for the sound of the glass cutter scratching the glass...or the grinder grinding!  Then Linda broke out her camera to take pictures!  Her dad worked with stained glass years ago!  This is her very first piece!  She couldn't wait to show it to him!

Dr. Emilie works her soldier iron with the skill of a surgeon!   Hey!  Wait a minute!  She is a surgeon!  Look at her go! 

 Did you know the tip of the soldier iron is 750 degrees?  Very very hot!  Hot enough to melt the lead that covers the foil!  The lead is what holds all the pieces of glass together!

Linda is doing some final touch ups on her piece!  It's almost done!
There we go!  Linda finished her blue bird of happiness!  May it bring happiness to her...every time she sees it!
Dr. Emilie is using a black patina on hers.  It turns the silver colored lead... black!  Just like magic!

Dr. Emilie is wiping off the excess patina!  Then she'll apply a coat of wax... let it dry... then buff it off!  This cleans the glass, and keeps the lead from oxidizing and changing color!

Diane is still cutting and grinding!  But she got here late, and lives across the she can come back later to finish it!

Linda is still taking pictures!

Toni finished hers!  She's keeping the lead lines silver!  Good job on the soldiering!  You weld for a living!  That's why you did so good!
Girls night out!  Now that they're done (well...except for Diane!)...they can now leave the studio!  With their first... self made... stained glass suncatchers!
Dr. Emilie?  My Bop Toy's empty...could you get me a refill?  Monty's cool, hunh?  He'll warm up in your hands!
Come on, Toni!  Get brave!
It was nice to have you visit, Dr. Emilie!  Guess we'll see you tomorrow!  I won't mention anything to Mat...  about the reneuter.    Why get him all nervous.  Don't forget...we're bringing Annie and Romeo, too!  Gonna make for a loooooong day!
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