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October 14

Hey Donk E!  Someone's coming up the driveway!

Hey...Stef!  You're back!

For more silkie chickens?  Cool!

And you're taking the rooster too?  Oh!  Thank you!

OK, Dottie!  I have the kids all gathered together!  I guess this is it, hunh?  Off to our new home!  Thank you for letting me go with our kids!  It will make the transition much easier for them!

We said our good byes to Momma Chick, already!  She's still sitting on our last clutch of eggs.  She would have got up to see us off...but her legs fell asleep!  She said this was it, anyway!  She's done with nest sitting once this batch hatches!  Must be something going around!  Anyway...thank you for such a good life, and finding us a great guy to start a new home with!  If I miss you guys too much...I can come back...right?

There goes another rooster!  And a bunch of chicks!  Yeah!  My wish is coming true!
I'm kinda gonna miss that rooster!  He's such a good was a pleasure to see him watch over his brood!
Come guys!  Spread out!  You're crowding me!
The patch of mushrooms is still doing its thing!

Hey Piggy...did Mat swallow our bowling ball?  He...He...He...!

You better watch the "fat" jokes, Donk E!  You're talking to the wrong critter for that!


That was really nice of Piggy to stick up for me!  I don't get any more I fill up on hay and leaves!  It's all it's all good!  (burp)

 Excuse me!

Thanks, Piggy!  That was nice of you to put Donk E in his place for me!

That's OK, Mat...I taught myself not to laugh at jokes that I didn't find funny!  Sometimes you just have to speak up to let them know you found it offensive...not funny!

Joe?  Is it my turn, yet?  You've been scratching Solly for three minutes, now!

I still have two minutes to go, Donk E!  Don't rush me!

Joe?  Is it my turn yet?

Donk E...he just found another good spot!

Joe!  It's my turn, now!  Right?

OK, Donk E!  Go get your lovings in! 

Oh ya!  Scratch the neck and rub the ears!

Hey Joe?  Is it my turn again, yet?

Up the neck a little... to the left...more left...up an inch!  Oh yeah!  Good spot!  Gooooood spot!
He...He!  It doesn't get better than this, folks!
OK guys!  Go right up the ramp!  Movie starts in five minutes!

Come on, Donk E!  Follow me!

But Piggy...I never climbed a ramp, before!

Oh it's easy Donk E!  Mat taught me!  Just do this...come on!

Ooooooooooooooo!  Dottie's not gonna like this

 I'm not going in there!  No way!

That is SO not fair!  How come Piggy and Mat get to go in the house and watch TV?  Hunh?

Donk E?  Where ya going?  The movie's gonna start!

Dottie shoed me out...Mat!  I'm not allowed in the house!

See!  I told you not to go in there, Donk E!  But...Nooooo!  You wouldn't listen! 

Piggy invited us in to watch the movie "Ghoast Dad"!  She said you might even make popcorn!
 I promised Piggy I wouldn't poo in the house! 

This is our "The life cycle of a mushroom" study!

Hey Look!  There's already somebody in there!

Hey!  Look!  Now there's two!

She looks just like you!

And you look just like him!

Hi!  I'm Annie!  I'm the Big Sister to the youngest batch of baby Silkies!  Now that Dad and the others are at their new home...I'm in charge of the youngones!  I always watched over them, anyway!  Well...there were 13 in that batch!  That was a lot for Mom and Dad!  So I got to help out whenever I could!  How could you not love these guys!  Just look at them!
I was born with a birth defect...if you can see it.  It's my beak.  Can you see in the picture it grows into a long hook.  Compare it to the normal shaped beaks of the chicks!  Now check out my bottom jaw!  It's like way to the right!  Like a right angle!  Makes it real hard to eat.  Kinda like trying to eat rice with only one chop stick!   People told Dottie... we "scissor beaks" don't do very well...because we can't pick up food and bugs.  So Dottie grinds the food and adds it to water for me.  I'm gonna be meeting Dr. Emily to see if there's anything she can do to help me.  Piggy says Dr. Emilie can do anything!  Maybe she can fix my beak?

I love corn on the cob!   It's easy for me to eat...'cuz it sticks to my beak!  Come on, guys!  This is good stuff! 

Here I come!  What's up, Dottie?

Yes...I invited everybody in to watch a movie!  I was hoping you would make us popcorn and sliced apples!
Donk E promised he wouldn't poo in the house!
And Mat's already house broke!'s my room!  Why can't I share it with them? is your house...

Of course!   I love being a house pig!

No...I wouldn't want to live in the barn! 

Oh!  I get it now!  Your house...your rules!  No problem!

Come here...let me give you a Piggy kiss!

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