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October 12

Ok...Dottie...put the camera away!  Can we go for a walk?  It's really a nice day for a walk!
Oh Ya Joe!  Good spot!  Good spot!

Hey Joe?  Dottie said we can take a woods walk!  Do you guys wanna go?

Not right now, Donk E!  I'm getting a great scratching!

That sounds like a good idea!  I'd like to go!
Did someone just say woods walk?
Joe here...he's my buddy! 
 He knows I'm really a good boy...even if I do get into trouble all the time!

Gee...Galahad!  Look at Solly sucking up to Joe, will ya!

That's ok, Donk E!  Wait till Joe sees that Solly pooed right by his tractor door!  He He!

I'll even let you lead, Joe Buddy!  Happy horse...Happy horse!
This is how the title of our story came to be!  "Barn Yard Tails"!  She gets to see a lot of this!
Peek - a - boo!  I see you!
Oh!  Look!  Autum is happening!
I'll just wait here for Joe to come back!  I don't go on woods walks with them!  I like to go with Momma Kitty!  She'll chase the chipmunks to me!

Ok kids...dinner's here!  Eat up!

But there's no room in the bowl for me, Momma!

They're growing bigger...every day!  And Romeo wonders why we feel he should be caged!  Man...I need a time out!
And these guys are growing bigger every day!
All my beautifully colored feathers finally grew in!    When I molt in the spring, Dottie will use the red feathers for making jewelry!

Don't give all the apples to the bunnies!  Save some for us...please?

Come on, Piggy!  Wanna play?

Not right now, Mat...I'm taking a cat nap!

I'm gonna suck on your ear...unless you get up and play with me!

Mat...let go of my ear!

Check out the mushrooms growing by the food barn!  Cool...hunh?
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