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October 10,  Part 2

Romeo!  Oh Romeo!   Come on over...we wanna talk to you!

Oh...he's not gonna like this at all, Bunnie!

Hi Bunnie!  What's up?
Blue Bunny and I think you should go in a we girls can run free!  What do you think?
You're kidding me...right?
Not at all, Romeo!
We're dead serious!
Oh!  I don't like the sound of that!
Come on, Bunnie!  I don't want to go back in a cage! 
I like being a roaming Romeo!
We can't go out...unless you go in, Romeo!
Sure you can, Bunnie!  Just jump out when the door opens!
Not gonna happen, Romeo!  You need to go in a cage!  Even for a we can have a girls day out!  Think on it for awhile, will ya?  It's only fair!
I'll think about it, Bunnie!  But it won't be a happy thought!
Come on, Blue Bunny...let's go chill while Romeo tosses it around!  That was a lot to leave him with!

Bunnie...why won't Dottie let us all out together?

She has her reasons, Blue Bunnie!  8 of them!

You're hogging the pellet bowl!
Come on!  Let us in there, too!

It's not fair that we have to go second at the food bowl!

Well...we were first up, yesterday!

We'll be lucky if there's anything the time they get through!

They're sure taking their sweet time at the food bowl!

Let's go see if they're done yet!


Hey...Brownie...can we have a crack at the food bowl?

Come on in Cocoa...we're done!  I'm just finishing up!

Anybody want to take a nap?

Na...I'm waiting for desert!  We're getting apples!

Here comes Dottie with the apples!
Oh!  These are so good and juicy, Momma!

Can I try a bite of yours?

Go find your own piece!

Momma...Brownie won't share!

Hey Juliet!  Let me in!  Wait till you hear this!  The girls came up with this crazy idea!

Ya, Juliet!  They want ME to go in a all you girls can run free!  Can you believe that?

Oh!  Please Dottie!  That's a great idea!

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