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October 10

What's going on in Bunny Land, now?
Oh!  Hi...Dottie!
This is my new den!
I dig out all the dirt...then push it back, out of the I can dig more! This is great!
When I'm done digging it out...I'm gonna stuff it with hay...and then line it with bunny fur!  It will keep us nice and warm for the winter!  I did do good, didn't I!
I'm the one who taught her how to dig!
When I first came to live here, Juliet called me a "house Bunny"  because I lived in the house!  I couldn't dig in when I came here...I started digging all kinds of tunnels!  She didn't like me rearranging her home!  Now she lives in the kennel...with Romeo!

Aww...Bunnie...come on...that was a long time ago!

But it still hurts, Blue Bunny!  Just like it was yesterday!

Bunnie...You know Juliet was just jealous that you liked Romeo!

Well... no one told me they were a pair! 

Come on Bunnie...chillax!  That's all water over the dam!'re right, Blue Bunny!  Let it go!  La La La La La La La!  Right?

Dottie?  Let me ask you something!  If there's three of us girls...and only one Romeo...
Why is he the one who gets to run free....and we have to stay in here?
I would love to be able to run around out there!
Instead...we're stuck in here!  And all we do is lay around!  It's so boring!
Bunnie's right, Dottie!  There's three of us to one of him!
Even Juliet gets to go on hop abouts!

I never had the chance to run!  I mean...I can run circles in here...but it's just not the same! 

I'm happy, here...Blue Bunny!  I can run all over the place!
We're happy here, too...Blue Bunny!  There's all kinds of things to hide in ...when we play hide and seek!

It's different out there, kids!   Why...out can eat right off the forest floor!

 Blue Bunny...we get forest floor right here!

What's it like out there, Blue Bunny?

It's like ... a forever forest!  Without any walls ... or wire!

No walls?

No wire?

I'm gonna go ask Mom if we can go on a hop about!
Hey Juliet!  Guess what I just heard!
I'm afraid to ask!
Bunnie and Blue Bunny want to be let out of the bunnie cage!  And they want Romeo to have to stay in the cage!
Come on out!  This is gonna be good!
So that's where he went!  I thought I heard Bunnie calling him!

I think it's a really good idea...Piggy!  Don't know how Romeo would like it!

Ya!  I know Juliet!  I wann be a fly on the wall for this one!    He He Snort!

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