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October 8

Hi Zeekie Kitty!  Hey...can I ask you a question?

Ask away, Piggy!  What's on your mind?

Does being small bother you like it does Mat and me?  I're smaller than both of us!

Piggy...I'm pretty big for a cat! 

But Zeekie...why can't we all be Galahad?

Piggy...we are what we are!  For a very good reason! 

Piggy...if I was as tall as Galahad...I wouldn't be able to catch mice very easy!  They'd see me coming a mile away!  Being small...I can hide in the grass and sneak up on them! 

That would make it kinda tough...Zeekie.

We're all built different, Piggy!  Your nose, for instance!  You use it like a shovel to dig up roots and bugs...right?

It's a great nose for digging, Zeekie!

 Exactly!  That's because you're a pig, Piggy!  That's why you were built so close to the ground!  Galahad, on the other hand...likes to pluck the leaves off the trees and eat them!  That's why he has such long legs and a long neck!  That way he can reach them!

That makes sense, Zeekie!  Galahad wouldn't need a nose like mine...because he doesn't like to dig with his nose!

That must be why he has such long legs, too, hunh...Zeekie?

Exactly, Piggy!  God knew what he was doing!

You were built with short legs and a short neck so that you could root easier!
Ha...lo?  Zeek Kitty...I don't even have a neck!

Piggy!  You have a neck!  It's all muscle!  That's why you can roll logs!  And dig holes!  Your neck is stronger than any of ours!

Even Galahads?

You don't see him rolling logs around for you?  He couldn't do it even if he wanted to! were made perfect for a Potbelly Pig!

I was?

Yes!  You were designed to be able to plow through the forest, digging up roots and stuff and pushing logs and brush out of your way!  It would be really hard to do if you had a long neck like Galahad!   

I see your point, Zeek!'re built like a forest torpedo!

That's it, Zeekie!  I'm a torpedo!  Yeah!  I like the sound of that!

But Zeekie...I also love to eat acorns and nuts!  Why wasn't I born with wings so I can fly up into the trees and eat them...instead of having to wait for them to fall to the ground?

Thank God you can't Piggy!  Could you imagine what it would be like...

...if pigs could fly?  Now...that's a scarey thought!

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