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October 6

Whaddaya got in your hand, Dottie?
Oh!  Can I have some more?  Please?  Pour it right here on my tongue!
You're up to something!  Ok...I'll bite!  Whad da ya gut?
Whoa!  That stuff is goooood!
Can I have some more, Please?  Just pour it on there!
That is so good! Gimme more!  Please!  More please!

What's in there, Donk E?

It's a Pixie Stick!  One of the visitors left it behind!

You invited them back...didn't you?  Especially the Pixie Stick Kid!
Jatasha!  I bet if you were a critter ... you'd be a bunny just like me!
I'm the lucky one she bonded with!  I'm gonna be her house bunny!  She's taking me home today!
Bye, Dottie!  I'm off to start my new life with Jatasha!
Okay!  I'm ready!  Off to my new adventure!
I see you trying to sneak into the studio!  What cha gut?
Do you have cheerios?
Oh!  Carrots!  My other favorite!
I've been good!  Honest!
We have guest critters, today!  Willie and Millie came over to see Dr. Teddy!  She's coming to do the shots thing for the boys!  And Willie and Millie!  I already got mine with Dr. Emilie!  That's why I'm smiling!  He He Snort!

We're here to see the Vet?  You're kidding me!

Wait a minute!  I though this was the day spa!

We're Fainting goats!  What if I faint, Willie? 

Then you won't feel the shot, Millie!  So faint away!  Remember the time Dottie was trimming your hoofs and you fainted?  Diane got all nervouse...and Dottie said "no... it's a good thing" ... and trimmed them all before you woke up!

Dr. Teddy?  What's that in your hand!  I know it's no Pixie Stick!
Ouch!  I'm out of here!
Guess I'm not!  On no!  Second shot!

See Donk E?  If you look doesn't hurt!

Hey Sarah....Stick Solly a little harder the next time...okay?

Face it Donk E!  You're a wimp!
Cheese!  I lost my baby teeth!  These are my adult teeth coming in! 
Oh!  No!  Not me!  I don't want any shots!
Be easy with him, Dr. Teddy!  He's only a kid!
Hey!  Let go of my love handles!  I don't even know you!
Yeouch!  I didn't feel a thing!
Be easy with me...I'm a fainter!
She stings like a bee!
Hurry!  Hurry!  The people are here to pick out their chickens!
Will I get my very own perch?
I heard they were here last year to get chickens!  They came back here for some more!  They got chickens from other places...but they weren't friendly like our chickens!
I'll be so happy when all these chickens are gone!  Then maybe we can get back to our life!  Sure they're cute...but they take up way too much time!  Dottie's always playing with them, feeding them...or petting them.  Soon we'll have her all to ourself!
Aw Oh!  You're wearing carrot shoes!  They make your toes feel like baby carrots to my lips!  And they're salty, too!
But I had to lick your toes so I could tell they weren't carrots!
Next time you come...make sure Mom doesn't wear those shoes! 
I am sitting!  See?
I give Piggy kisses, too!  Want one?
Yep!  Life is good here on the farm!
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