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October 4

It's such a nice day...I figured I'd just slip away for a walk about!
Ah!  Quiet...peaceful!  No bickering or roosters crowing!
Sometimes...i just want to be alone!  Like now!
Time to chill out and relax!  Clear my head...and give me time to think!
This is as high as Piggy can see, standing up!  Whew!
I had a bad dream last night!
I dreamed my eyes were on my knee caps!
And all I could see was knee high!
I wasn't able to see over the bushes!
I couldn't even see through the tall grasses!
All I could see was Piggy...dragging her belly over the rocks!
Can you imagine... seeing only this tall?
Having to look through the weeds all the time?
Hey Galahad!  There you are! 

We were wondering where you went off to!

You were? just wandered away, not telling anybody where you were going!  It's almost dinner time!

What were you thinking, Galahad?

About being small, Mat!

Don't feel bad for me, Galahad!  Feel bad for Piggy!  At least I can jump up on things or stand up on my hind feet if I want to be taller!  Piggy can't do that!

I never thought what being little was like, before!

Hey, Galahad...wait up!  You have long legs!

Know what, Mat?  I do know what it's like getting pushed away!  Solly and Donk E do it to me all the time!
Maybe I can teach them what it's like to be an alpaca!

Hey Galahad!  You came back!  Where have you been?


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