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Good Morning!

Come on all you sleepy heads!

Time to wake up!

Hey Galahad...anything left in your breakfast tray?

Back off....Donk E

I'm armed and you don't want to start your day with an alpaca spit ball, now, do ya?'s alright!  I'm out of here

Will you let me know when you're done, though?

Well, I guess I'll just sneak in here, and help myself to some fresh hay!

Did Donk E say there's fresh hay?

She closed the door on him....but I'll just sneak right in ....  grab a bite


What a beautiful morning!  Every body's chilled out and getting along!

Sollys even sharing the hay pile, but I don't have to worry!

I have my own pile, way up here!

Ya...I have it made, here!  Birds singing...chicks peeping, nice morning breeze! 


Good morning!  And what did you bring us for breakfast, today?


Oh, Goody!

Hay... she's bringing food up to the bunnies!

Hey, Solly...

we have some fresh hay over here!

Ya...but Donk...

Romeo has green pellets in his bowl!

They smell pretty good!

Hey...let me see...

Oh ya???

Think I can't get in there???

SHE left the gate unlocked!

Dottie thinks just because she drapes the chain over the wood...that it's gonna fool me!


Solly, how'd you get in here?

You're not suppose to be in here!


Solly's eating my food!


This stuff is pretty good!  Maybe a little on the dry side.


I got caught....... again!

 She shooed me out.....again!

And there's still food left!

And this time she locked the chain!

I can't believe you locked the chain!

Ok....we'll see if you can keep me out of there, when there's still food left in the bowl!!


The bowl is way over there...

There's like..... 8 pellets left in there!

Maybe I can get a little closer from this end!

 Nope...not gonna work!

There's at least 10 pellets in there!  I can see them!

I can smell them...

But I can't get to them!


Ha- Ha-Ha!

You can't eat my food!

I'm gonna go see what you got!

La la la la la la!

It's just so unfair!

I'll be back!

Oh Goodie!  Dottie has the hose out! 

 Mind putting a little water over this way?

Oh ya...get the feet!  Get the chest!

Let's make some good mud!

Oh yeah!  Get the back!  Get my tail really good so I can splat those pesky flies!

Okay, soft spray now!  Ahhh!

Humming in the rain....I'm humming in the rain!

I still have water swishing around inside my ear!  Gutta shake it out!

Well.... don't you shake any water this way, Galahad!

And just when you think the day couldn't get any better.....



Look out, guys!

Here I come!

And I'm not a happy camper!

Hey Solly....don't take it out on me!

Why don't you go cool off a little!

Go get a sip of the cold water! 

Go tell Donk E he wants you!

I mean it Solly.... I don't want to share your bad attitude!

Go chill...

Hey, Donk E.... call Solly...will ya?

I just can't believe she won't let me finish the food no one else wants!

But that's Romeos food, Solly! was fair game!  He walked away from his bowl! shooed him away.   And then you helped yourself!


Come on, Buddy, take a will cool you off, and you'll feel better!

Solly, your food taste way better than mine!

You get all that corn and sweet stuff mixed in!

Mine is just plain green pellets!

You're right, Romeo....I'm sorry.

It's not like I don't get fed enough!

Hey... wait a minute...How do you know what my food taste like?

Have you been eating MY food?!!!

I guess I was a little nasty...

Sorry guys.

I'll give myself some time out!

There, Solly...

don't you feel better now?

Yes, Galahad...I do!

Thanks for the good advice!

No problem, kid!

I'm almost a chicken now, instead of a chick!

You'll always be my little chick!

Oh, Mom!

Come on, honey...let's find some bugs to eat!

Sounds good to me!

We're learning how to "perch"!

We can fly yet, but we can hop and flap our wings to get us up this high!

I'm teaching this batch how to scratch in the dirt for the bugs! 

I think they have it down pretty good!

And now it's my turn!   Mmmmmmmm...

Do I smell french toast with maple sticky stuff?

Baaart...doesn't that stuff stick to your beak?

I don't have a beak, Blonde Chick...I have lips!

Chickens don't have lips!

I'll be licking this sticky stuff off my lips for hours!
These apples are delicious!  And the carrots and corn husks make a good well rounded diet!
The carrots are my favorite!  They're sweet and juicy!
Mom, these apples are really sweet!  That was nice of that sweet lady, Mary, to drop them off for us!  They're making my mouth water, just eating them!

Here ya go, Prarie Chicken!  Nice little tidbit, just for you!

Why... thank you, English!  You are just too sweet!

What a great day!  Think I'll get a head start on the boys and get to my place in the front of the house! 
I can keep an eye on everybody from up here!
Did someone say ...go for a walk?

Dottie...the bugs are driving us crazy!

Oh brought the bug spray!

Can you do me first?  They're itching my nose!
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