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October 2

Hey!  Solly!  Where are you?
I'm way overe here, Galahad!

Look Donk E!  I found some viney stuff!  It's good, too!

You eat the weirdest stuff, Mat! 

Oh!  Look!  Here comes Piggy!  Hi Piggy!
Hi Donk E!  Great day for a graze, isn't it!

Donk E?  Can we talk for a little?

  Sure Piggy!  What's up!

Well, Donk E...that thing with Mat, yesterday... being sad that he's small...and always getting pushed away...

Ya!  That was funny!  Wasn't it!
That's the point, Donk E!  It isn't funny!
I have to deal with it all the time, Donk E!
Donk E...I'm only this tall!  I'm even smaller than Mat!
When I'm in the tall grass, and you come up to herd me back to the group...all I see is a nose and hoofs!  And it scares me!  And you think it's funny!
Gee...Piggy!  I never thought of it like that!
Well...maybe you should try to imagine what it would be like to walk in my hoofs for a day!  I'm 12 inches tall!  Come on!  I can't even see you guys when we're in the tall grass!
Whoa...Piggy!  I'm so sorry!

You don't have to be sorry, Donk E...just be considerate!

I love you, Piggy!

Ditto, Donk E!

Wow...I never really gave it a thought, before!  I guess I just took being tall for granted!
Piggy...what's it like to not be able to see higher than 8 inches?

Mostly 6 inches, Donk E...unless I walk with my nose up!

Hey Piggy!  Where ya going?

I think I just found a way to help you all understand!  Hey Mat!  Come here for a minute... would ya, please?!
Piggy, just let me get these tid bits...and I'll be right with ya!

Donk E?  Solly?  Piggy want's us to join her for a little!

Come on, Solly!  Our presence is being requested!

Come on, you guys!  I want you to follow me!  And keep your heads down!  Okay?
Watch out for this thorny plant!  We don't want any thorns stuck in your noses!  Make sure you keep your heads down!

What are you up to, Piggy!

Just follow me, Mat!  He He...Snort!

Mat!  We are gonna show the big boys...what it's like to be little!

Ya?  And how are we gonna do that...Piggy!

Come on, boys!  Follow me!  And keep your noses right to the ground!
What ...are guys... doing?
Piggys teaching us what it's like to be little!

That was really tough, Piggy!

Donk think that was tough?

Now comes the good part!  Drag your bellies over the gravel when you go up the driveway!

Sorry, Piggy!  Dottie's calling!

Ya...I hear Joe starting the tractor!

Can you imagine what it's like having to drag your belly on this stuff?

Gutta hand it to Piggy!  She's one smart Pig!

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