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September 30

I'm all grown up now!  All my feathers grew in...finally!  Yeah!
As a matter of fact...we're all grown up!  Now...we're just growing bigger every day!  And so is our appetite!
Look at this tiny little thing!
She calls this ... a pond?
It's more like a bath tub...if you ask me!
I wish we had a pond...this big!

Let's go talk to Dad, and see if he can get us our own place!

Ya!  With a big pond!

And lots of room, so we can fly!

Oh... Boy!  What am I gonna say to Dottie?  The kids want their own room now!  With a pond, even! 

... and Just Duckie doesn't want to sit on any more eggs... now that our last batch has hatched!  Ya...she said if she has to sit on one more egg...she'll duck tape me to a nest of rocks for a month!  That doesn't sound like a fun thing!  I never really gave it a thought, before!

Oh!  Here comes Dottie!  Deep breath!  Let it out!  Deep breath...let it out!  Ok...I'm ready! 

Hey, Dottie?  Got a minute?  The kids were just saying that they want their own place.  It's getting too crowded cuz they're all growing up and ready to fly!  They want to have a home with a pond!  And a very nice people family...that will love them!  I figured...I should go with the kids so I can keep an eye on them and make sure they fly right! 
Just Duckie will do just fine!  She said she'd like a break from sitting on eggs!  I can understand why!  Now, anyway!  But that's okay!  I'm ready for a new adventure!  And so are the kids!
Come on, kids!  You got your wish!  We're going to our new home!  Come on!  Hurry up!  Waddle on!  Can't keep the people waiting!

I wonder what took so long?

I didn't think we'd ever get our own place!

I sure hope it has a pond!

And wicked nice people!  Who'll love us as much as Dottie!

I hope we can fly around!  I got some lift this morning!  Pretty soon I'll be airborn!  Yeah!  Flying!

Well ... I heard Dottie I know it will be perfect!

Come on, kids!  Waddle faster...before they change their mind!  We're lucky they're taking all of us together!

Hey Dad...Is it a big farm that we can run around and play hide and seek?

Is the pond deep enough to go diving in? 

 Are there fish in the pond, Dad?

You're coming, too, Dad?  I thought this was our wish!

Everybody got a drink of water!  Junior!  Get over here!  Now!
I'm coming Dad!  I just wanna see... if running down the hill, flapping my wings as fast as I can...will help get me off the ground!

Boy!  Dad's sure excited about the move!

He's been like this since he found out we'll be staying together!

Well...what about Mom?  Isn't she coming, too?

Nope!  Said she's happy right here, on the farm!

We're ready to go, now!  What a great time we had here!  And you and Joe?  You're the best! So it's off to our new adventure!  Thank you for finding us the perfect new home!  We'll make you proud!
Ya...I'm sure gonna miss you!  I'll always be your "Handsome"!  Thank you for loving me! 
Wow!  It got awful quiet all of a sudden!  Where did everybody go, Mom?
They all grew up and went to find their own home!  Now drink up and then eat your dinner like good little duckies!

This is the pond where you'll learn how to swim!

But I don't want to get my feet wet, Momma!

It looks pretty deep and scarey!

I don't want to go in there!  I'm afraid of the water!

It's too cold!

I don't think I'm ready yet, Mom...I'm still all fluff!'re not ready yet...but soon my little darlings!  Your feathers will grow in.  You'll grow up so quickly...then it will be off to start your own life!  So we won't rush that at all...will we!  Let's just enjoy the day!  It's a gift!  That's why they call it "The Present"!

Hey!  Dottie!  Look where we are!  This place is huge!  And look at the pond!  Can't keep the kids out of it!   You sure prayed for the best for us!  And here we are!  This is our new home!  Happy Ducks...Happy Ducks!
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